Don't think HW transcoding is going to work on DS214+



So I have a DS214+ and it has an Atom processor, so I doubt it will have the power to HW transcode with the new version of PMS. So, here is the question...
I have Home Theater PC's at the TV's that do have 'Intel Quick Sync Video'. Should I consider moving PMS off the NAS and onto the Home Theater PC? I could then just use the NAS as a file store for my media? thx!


The Atom processors are not Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) equipped .

You can use the Atom to DirectPlay to something like a NUC/HTPC which is capable of all transcoding within itself.


Right, got that Atom processor in my Synology is not QSV, BUT my Home Theater PC with i5-2500K processor (although old) does. Just wondering if I should remove PMS off the NAS and move it to the Home Theater PC.


Why not load PMP on the HTPC and let it be a player for PMS ? PMS, your metadata and media are all on the Synology.


Correct, I do have PMP on the HTPC, but I get pauses on HEVC videos. Probably because the PMS on the Synology can’t handle the software transcoding?


Anything that is HEVC encoded it going to punish your CPU, unless it is very powerful CPU. However a GPU which has support for HEVC will manage a lot better, however it is important to know the Encoding/Decoding capabilities of your GPU.

So for instance the DS918+ has a Skylake based Intel GPU, which give it encode and decode of HEVC, but not 10 bit (Hybrid support only)

If you do move your PMS onto your HTPC, then it maybe worth looking a modern GFX, and checking out it’s Encode/Decode capabilities.

However it would be worth waiting to let the Transcoding capabilities of the PMS mature a bit.


@ChuckPA said:
The Atom processors are not Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) equipped .

Sorry for the thread necromancy, but this is not a correct statement to my knowledge. The Atom processor in the Synology DS214+ might not have QSV (it was unclear if that’s what you meant), but as a blanket statement, that’s not correct. Intel Ark indicates numerous Atom designated processors going very far back as having QSV capabilities.



Please show me the datasheet from showing me Quick Sync Video support ? If I’m in error, I will amend my statement immediately

The correct page will be laid out in this form:


Here’s the definitive answer.®%20Processor

I will confirm that according to synology all of their Atom based systems were soldered on so not able to be upgraded.