Download Plex Media Player. Install. Click open. Crash.



So I don't understand how to even troubleshoot this. The title is literally the process I go through. Unistalling and reinstalling didn't do anything.


Some details will help!!
Install on what?
What is the server version?
How old are you?
What is your server on?
Where do you live?
What speed is your internet connection?
What is your mother's maiden name?


Windows 10 PC

Whatever the latest version is


Beast Coast


bump, if this is allowed.


Post the actual version number please of your Plex Server and your Plex Media Player.


I downloaded the 2.0 beta and it works there, you can close the thread, unless it breaks when the full version is released.


Never mind it’s back again. Using the latest version of Plex:, September 27, 2017. I hate using the web browser since the quality is lower. Clicking repair in the setup does nothing, the bar simply fills after a minute or two and the program says done with no change.


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still happens with the new version but ever so slightly better. It at least opens and I can use it for like 2 seconds before it closes
October 11, 2017


Pretty weird. I see no crash dumps for this either.

Not sure how to debug this. One thing you could do is checking whether any of those are on your system (the list is for Plex Media Server, but partially affects Plex Media Player too):


Crash Dumps? But I didn’t upload any, unless you can see into my computer??

I checked the DLL list, I have none of those DLL’s in my windows32 folder.


Crash mini dumps (which really just contain a backtrace, if at all) are uploaded automatically, see pmphelper.log files (