DS 713+ obsolete?



Hello everyone, These past few year my PMS, DS713+,samsung TV my AppleTV and I were more than happy together seeing what we wanted when we wanted and we think living like this until death us depart :)
BUT these times, as files are getting bigger I'm experiencing some troubles and I'm wondering if it's my DS713+ that's not powerful enough..
I get some movies in /mkv format that sizes 10GB . If i try to see it from an AppleTV (connected in wifi) it took ages to load in directplay and freeze every 40sec.
No matter, i try it on my samsung TV which is connected in ethernet with CPL at 2000Mbps, still freezing..
Well, let's see it from my computer, in ethernet directly (no cpl) but it's worse : every movies (even thoses that weight 600MB) took ages to load and freezes.

Other movies with lighter sizes plays well on AppleTV and SamsungTV. but plays like crap in PMS player directly on synology app.

May it be a problem of DS713 cpu obsolete, or is it more a connection problem ?


Bigger does not mean better in this case. To start off, your Apple TV cannot play .mkv files, so any .mkv file MUST be transcoded or remuxed and your NAS can only transcode one low bitrate 1080p file at a time.

If the bitrate is too high, then it will pause and stutter. If the file is encoded in such a way that the decode rate exceeds the capability of your NAS, then you will get pausing and stuttering also or the file may fail to play at all.

For the Apple TV you need to have MP4 files only, see this page for the supported formats on Apple TV: https://support.apple.com/kb/SP724?locale=en_US

By ensuring that your files are .mp4 only and web optimised, you will also find that you don’t have many issues playing them on your TV, in Plex/Web or on any other device, as .mp4 is the most compatible format across the most devices.

I recommend that you re-encode your .mkv files to MP4 H.264/AAC or AVC/AAC using HandBrake (free for PC/Mac) or any similar software. By doing so, you will find that your files are greatly reduced in file size and do not require transcoding at all and they should play smoothly on all of your devices.

You should also be aware that the overall bitrate should be ~20Mbps or less and the High Code Level should be 4.1 or less and RefFrames should be 4 or 5.

You will find the above information by viewing your file/s in MediaInfo (free for PC/Mac) or by using ‘Get Info’ in Plex.

If you use HandBrake then start with the Fast 1080p 30 preset and only make necessary changes such as turning on Web Optimised and Fast Decode on the Video tab.


Thanks for your detailed answer :slight_smile:

I’m re-encoding right now.
It may be worth making a post explaining these dark encoding options and differences with pro and cons of each formats.
So far I’ve only found extremly detailed “profane unfriendly” informations :wink:
Thanks again