Duplicate entry in movies by title with metadata_type 18



I have some duplicates in the library that are only visible when ordering by title.

I can see the duplicates with the following sql:
select * from metadata_items where metadata_type = 18;

If I delete these rows the dupes disappear but if the original file still exists in the library the dupe reappears if Plex is restarted so there is another record somewhere causing a problem.

The duplicate has a thumbnail and will play the content but has no other metadata when selected.

Normal entries have thumbnail, title, year. The dupes have thumbnail, title, number of movies (see screenshot below).

When the file is deleted the normal entry is correctly removed via trash but the dupe stays forever even after emptying trash. The rogue entry now lists as thumbnail, title, “0 Movies”.

The two files that have caused this were from BBC iPLayer so originally have the filename format ..mp4 e.g. Calvary.b05rgxtt.mp4. THey were put into the library folder in this format but later corrected to the normal format with the year in brackets but the duplicate entry was already created and does not go when the filename format is fixed.

I am running on Linux.


Same here, I spotted this previous discussion: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/199925/duplicate-movies-no-duplicate-files and the solution there is to create a new library pointed at the same files. If the dupes appear there, you have a file level problem (in theory). If not, you can remove the old library and run with the non-duplicate version.

I wonder, however, if this isn't systemic of Linux and mounted smb volumes. Are you pointing your libraries at local mount points or samba shares like I am?


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