DVR OTA Program Guide - right channels, but some shows wrong



Last week, I've started to move from using an EyeTV recording OTA shows on my Mac to using the Plex DVR with an HDHomeRun on FreeNAS (still OTA). I've had a couple of problems, one with the Program Guide.

I noticed that EyeTV was catching more "The Avengers" shows than Plex. When aired on the weekends on COZI-TV, two episodes are shown back-to-back. The Plex program guide is only showing one show, and in the wrong time slot (e.g. It lists "The Little Wonders" at 1am, when it is at 2am and a different episode is at 1). I've confirmed the EyeTV recordings are correct, and both episodes are listed on TV Guide and I've checked the channel to program guide mappings, and tried the Extended program guide.

I've not looked at everything, but am now wondering if the OTA schedules are reliable enough to leave EyeTV with TV Guide behind. Is there anything I can do to fix this, or use a different program guide source? Or is it expected to have a few guide glitches like this?


I'm having guide problems as well. The "guide" may be correct but the time is off on everything by at least a half hour. I see no way to change the time zone or anything.