DVR Question: How do I start watching a show that has started recording?



I am pretty new to PLEX and DVR functionality. I have my server running on a Windows 2008 R2 server. I have a HDHomeRun - Connect Quatro Tuner - Black. I can record shows but do not see a way to start watching the show until after it is finished recording and it shows up in my PLEX client "TV Shows" library. Am I missing something here? Will this only work on a FireTV type device? Thank you for any help or direction.


No answers in a month and I still cannot seem to find a definitive answer, please help


It would not appear to be possible to do so yet, as I’ve also been searching. The DVR functionality is relatively new so I’m sure (hope) it’s on the roadmap.


You can go to Program Guide, choose the show that’s being recorded live, and Plex will give you the option to watch it live or watch what’s being recorded from the beginning of the show.


I assume that since this is in the Roku forum that you have a Roku. This functionality was just added this week. I’m super happy about this, it’s the one thing I still had on WMC that wasn’t on Plex. Haven’t tested it out yet, but look forward to doing so.


no I have a Amazon Fire TV device… I posted in the wrong place but looks like you guys have the upper hand at the moment! Congrats regardless, this might make me switch! Cheers!
I had this with Beyond TV but development on that was abandoned years ago!


Hmm according to Emilio in the comments on the link I posted before, Fire TV has had Timeshifting since December. He said that Fire TV runs the Android TV app, which got this functionality then.

Here’s the exchange:


I read Tobith’s answer and he is 100% correct. The functionality is there but not intuitive… at least to me… duh
Thanks for the answers and this helps so much! We’ve been using it this weekend with the Olympics and so far kids are happy, wife is happy and you know what that means, I am happy!
Thanks all for your responses and thanks Tobith for pointing me in the right direction!
I hope you all have a great Monday!