DVR Tuner support




I just saw the Live TV announcement that extends the DVR tuner support. As a recent Plex Pass user and a long-term MythTV user (since 2005,) I'm thrilled at the idea to integrate that last functionality which was lacking for my use. Great work Plex devs!

However, I'm perplexed why only such a limited number of devices are supported. Furthermore, I can't understand why Plex supports the quadHD PCIe card -- the only non-USB or network device in the list -- and not any ATSC/DVB-(C/T) ( card supported by LinuxTV.

Like many other potential Plex DVR users, I already own tuners for my system. Apart from two old-school PCI pcHDTV HD5500 boards, I also have a fairly recent Hauppauge WinTV-HVR2250.

So I'd rather not have to invest into the only PCIe support card while I already have all the tuners I should need. Especially when "competitors" do use the V4L API and consequently support mostly any card once its shows up as a DVB device.



So I am in the same boat. My current PCI-e card was not supported but I saw the WinTV quadHD card was. So I purchased it and it will arrive tomorrow, but now I see that Plex took down the listing of supporting the quadHD tuner (you can see it in Google’s cached pages though) and I can’t see if they explained why anywhere. I will be disappointed if I install it tomorrow and it doesn’t work :-/


Same again. I have 2 DigitalNow TinyTwin v3 dual HDTV USB tuners (for 4 total channels) which don’t work with Plex DVR. I thought surely they’ll work since they’re USB tuners and Plex has official support other USB tuners. Bought a 1 month subscription to test and no dice. They’ve worked solidly with Win7 MediaCenter allowing 4 channels to be recorded simultaenously whilst watching a previously recorded show. I really hope support for this tuner can be added along with the support to have multiple tuner devices if it doesn’t already. I do however understand DVR functionality is in beta.

As cythraul said, why doesn’t Plex implement the industry standard API?


Same here, Love to see them expand the range of compatible receivers. (even in a “no official support will be given in the forums” sort of way!!)
I’ve a :
DVBSky S950 (dvb-s2 card) for UK FreeSatHD TV
and a
NooElec NESDR Mini USB RTL-SDR for UK Freerview TV
Both run fine under TVheadend but the 3rd party Plex plugin is a bit of a mess :wink:


Same here again, my QuadHD arrived today and I’m now trying to install it, just seeing that it disappeared.
Could some mod please explain what happened and to what extend we can use it or not?
If it’s not working I can spare me of the trouble of building a custom linux kernel with the drivers…


More information here:

I should have searched the forum more before :wink:


great. Mine just and it arrived today. Plex DVR is only detecting network tuners (HDHomerun Prime) from my network. Anyone get the WinTV-QuadHD (PCI Express Model 1609) to work? I tried installing the driver from the website and the windows 10 anniversary update driver.

I only want to use an internal tuner with plex software. I guess I may have to return it.


Are there any plans for Plex DVR / Live TV to support DVB-S2 tuners for those of us where FTA transmissions can be received via satellite? I have a TBS card - no longer available but similar to the TBS 6902 which is the same, but has dual tuners.