Echo Dot playback issues



Sorry if this question has been addressed elsewhere recently and I didn’t land on it. I just bought an Amazon Echo Dot and hooked it up to my old school Denon stereo receiver. Awesome to have the convenience of voice commands and my music library on my computer streaming through big speakers via WiFi. Most things work well (Tunein radio, other apps, etc.). However, for some reason the Dot does not recognize some albums or artists in my library. It says it can’t find them and else plays samples of the music it doesn’t recognize so I can buy them or even just ignores the command and starts playing random songs from my library. It does okay with some albums/artists but not others. At first I thought it might be an issue with how I have some albums\artists organized on the computer, but now I have noticed that the same commands (for the same albums or artists) that I tried on the Dot unsuccessfully WILL work on an Amazon Echo I bought about a year ago. So it would seem to me that there are still issues with the Plex app working with the Dot vs the Echo. Thoughts? Solutions? Thanks for any direction you can give me.


It’s important to remember that sometimes the problem comes down to incompatibility with your network configuration or the devices on it.