Echo finds other players except itself - but it worked at first!?



I've found questions, but nothing quite the same, so I'm asking it (point me to something else if its there!)

I installed the plex skill on my echo dot, and it connected to my server and played music fine- yay!
Then for some reason, it stopped playing. Upon investigation, I can still access plex on the echo dot fine, and it recognizes my other plex players in the house but it no longer recognizes _itself _as a player (even though it clearly worked in the past) and so I can't play music out of the dots.

I did some basic stuff, uninstall, reinstall, checked some things, but I'm baffled. Any leads I should pursue? (It's always so frutstrating when something did work and then inexplicably stops!)
Thanks in advance


The Dot will use itself as the default player for music. There is no need (or way) to set it as the default, it's automatic. Just tell it to play music and it should come out the dot speaker. If you want music to play somewhere else, you have to explicitly tell it where.


but it's not using itself as default. I'm having the exact same problem. You guys need to get together with Amazon to get this resolved as I'm reading a whole lot of forum and knowledgebase posts about this very problem. Come on guys, as long as this has been an issue how is there not a reliable solution? VERY frustrating to say the least.


Often, when music does not play on the local device, it is due to network issues. We've put in many ways to get around potential network issues that could prevent Alexa from playing on the local device. Please check your Alexa app on your phone/tablet for errors. It should tell you if we detected a network issue. Otherwise, please PM me your email address and the approximate time you tried to play something and I will check with the devs if any errors were reported back to us.