Enable Pre-Roll Video WITHOUT Trailers



I am interested in setting up a "pre-roll" video prior to any movie playing. I do not have PlexPass and I'm not interested in setting up local "extras" to use as trailers. I have the latest server version running on my Mac but I cannot get pre-roll videos to function at all. I've tried the Apple TV client and the web client.

My pre-roll video is already in my library in a misc. folder. I copied the URL from the web client and pasted it into the "Cinema Trailers pre-roll video" section of the Extras settings on the server. Whether or not I have any of the "include cinema trailers" options checked doesn't seem to matter.

What is the easiest way to have a pre-roll video play without using trailers? Do I have to enable "local" trailers and then set each client to 0 trailers before each movie? I would prefer not to see trailers at all, just my pre-roll video.


On the server set up your pre-roll.
On the client set trailers to none/0. Location of setting depends on client.


That actually does show neither trailers, nor the pre-roll on my plex web.

On my android this is working!


Can anyone at Plex enable this feature so we can force a pre-roll if a link is put in that box on the server side -OR- have it to where pre-roll plays on plex web as well if no trailers are selected"


How can such a minor request still be ignored?


Also interested if a pre-roll can be activated without a trailer, what's the scoop?


I came to ask the same question and want to make sure I am reading it all right. I can place the URL in the pre-roll field and if I uncheck the rest of the boxes then the pre-roll should be the only thing to play before the movie.

But, if the person in charge of the player sets their number of trailers to 0/None, then they still will not get a trailer? Is that correct? Why can't I, as the Plex Media Server master, not force them to run and the player settings just determine how many additional trailers there are?

Or am I missing something all together?


I too am interested in this feature to enable me to show a pre roll video of my choice. I have plex pass and have ZERO interest in playing any trailers. just a custom pre roll video of my choosing before every movie regardless of what the client side settings are. Thanks in advance.


this is still not implemented? How?!


Absolutely agree. +1


After reading up, I found this thread by astrozombie:

which is currently working for me.