Episode numbering



Does anyone here have any knowledge about plex? You see i want know know if i can make the episode number continue from the previous season. for example, Season 1, episode 1-13 then Season 2, episode 14-29.
Instead of Season 2, epsiode 1-15?


No sir, you cannot. Plex follows the numbering scheme that the TVDB uses, which restarts numbering per season.


No, Plex uses TheTVDB for metadata of series.
And they by default don't use 'absolute numbering'.

Look up your anime on TheTVDB.
Look at the detail info of an episode and see if it has an 'absolute episode number'.
If it does, you can try to activate absolute numbering by editing the series
going to the 'Advanced' tab and setting 'Episode ordering' to 'absolute numbering'.
Then refresh metadata on the series.

You files must still be named according to the Plex file name guide