Episodes not showing up in season folder



The two most recent episodes ( 5 and 6) of Family Guy are not showing up in the Season 16 folder, the first 4 show up fine. The Season 16 thumbnail in Plex shows 2 unplayed episodes, but they are not in the folder. Episode 6 does show up on Recently Added TV. All episodes are in the same server folder and were converted the same.


Mine shows up and I use Plex DVR so these were populated by the system.

How are yours named?


Can confirm completely normal/expected behavior using suggested naming/structuring format found here:
(performed in a split-second automatically with Filebot - link in my signature - adding (YEAR) to all TV Shows - as I get to them)


Here is the problem. You can see the Family Guy Season 16 folder shows 2 unplayed episodes, but only shows the 4 played episodes when I go into it. I also just tried to play the Season 16 Episode 6 that shows up in Recently Added TV and it starts playing Season 1 Episode 1 instead!


And here is the Folder view. All episodes listed, two as new, all converted and named using same convention. If I try to watch episode 5 or 6 from this view, it starts playing episode S01E01.


Log Files:
Drag zip file to message window and drop it.


Log files...


I guess we can call this closed. I removed the Season 16 folder from the TV Shows folder, did a Library Scan so it completely removed the season, re-added the folder to the TV Shows folder and did another library scan. All episodes now showing and playable under season 16.


Z:\TV Shows\Family Guy\Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy <— won’t work

https://www.thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=75978&lid=7 - Family Guy at TVDB

You can add them as Specials:

Z:\TV Shows
…Family Guy
…Season 00
…Family Guy - S00E40 - Star Wars Trilogy 1.xxx <— you can use the real episode name - I didn’t.
…Family Guy - S00E41 - Star Wars Trilogy 2.xxx
…Family Guy - S00E42 - Star Wars Trilogy 3.xxx
Then Hand Edit descriptions
(note: I started at E40, 'cause there are 28 specials already listed and allowing for growth… 40 seemed pretty safe)

You can also just add them where they show up in the regular seasons.
You can also name them appropriately and drop them into a Movie Library - I actually have them in TV Shows as they aired - and in a Movie Library as a Set of 3 using the ‘Sort Title Field’ (see below).

The above alone is probably enough to throw off the whole show - creating chaos by not adhering to the strict TV Show Rules laid down for your behavior, but also note you are using a mish-mash of compliant file names, unaltered torrent downloaded file names - and although I didn’t see any in my brief exploration of your scanner log - you may have some MP4 files aboard that could cause an issue:
Drag Local Media Assets to the bottom of every agent list in Shows and Movies so Plex won’t give top priority to bogus embedded title fields in MP4/M4V files.

If you want Plex to behave properly you’ll stick with the approved file naming and folder structuring for TV Shows - to the letter. Any deviation from those guidelines will produce unpredictable results.

Yes - I know you said you’ve used ‘the same’ formatting as you always have…
‘The Same’ doesn’t mean ‘The Correct’ and the funny (not Ha, Ha) thing about non-compliant naming and structuring is it may work fine, right up until it doesn’t work. Compliance works all day - every day.

I’d fix your Family Guy Show file names and get rid of that bogus Star Wars Trilogy thing… then Plex Dance the whole show:

The Plex Dance®:

  1. remove show/movie from library
  2. rescan library files
  3. empty trash
  4. clean bundles
    https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200392106-Library-Actions <— scan library files, empty trash, clean bundles
  5. bring names and structures into compliance/Move LMA/etc
  6. replace corrected show/movie into library
  7. rescan library files

All Steps. In Order. No Shortcuts.

My ‘Sci-Fi Sets’ Library:

As indicated above I also have these Epic Adventures (lol) in their regular slots in the TV Show where they aired.


Of these duplicated threads, I suggest we keep this one since it does contain the answer.