episodes stop 2 minutes before the end.



At the moment Im watching 20 ,minutes episodes but all stop about 2 minutes before the real end of the episode.
Then i need to reopen the episode and scroll till the end.

Using the appleTV ethernet wired.

tvOS: 9.0.1 13T402
Plex tv: 1.0.3
Plex server:

Video Resolution SD
Duration 21:10
Bitrate 1165 kbps
Width 512
Height 384
Aspect Ratio 1.33
Container AVI
Video Frame Rate 24p
Video Profile simple
Title Original

Duration 21:10
File American Dad! - 03x19 - Joint Custody.avi
Size 176.38 MB
Container AVI
Indexes sd
Video Profile simple

Codec MPEG4
Bitrate 895 kbps
Bit Depth 8
Bvop 0
Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
Duration 21:10
Frame Rate 23.976 fps
Gmc 0
Height 384
Level 0.3
Pixel Format yuv420p
Profile sp
Qpel 0
Scan Type progressive
Width 512

Codec MP3
Channels Stereo
Bitrate 257 kbps
Audio Channel Layout stereo
Bitrate Mode VBR
Duration 21:10
Sampling Rate 48000 Hz
Stream Identifier 1

PS: Would be nice if Plex for tvOS has a generic information page showing all we need to submit when submitting issues :)


The same issue happens with the iOS client and hasn't been fixed to date.


I have the same issue. AppleTV4.
Playback stops before the end of the file.


Me too. The TV shows I watch seem to abruptly end a couple minutes early.


It only happens to me on older shows in an avi container. Any newer shows since the big avi->mp4 switchover a few years back play all the way to the end.
Is anyone having new shows stop early or just the older ones for everyone?


Mkv for me.


I have the same issue on my ATV4. My episodes stop about 1 to 2 minutes before the end. My other Plex clients (like ATV2, Plex for iOS do not experience this).

My files are all mp4 or m4v (I don't have any avi files).

Has this issue been fixed or a solution found? I saw that this thread was 'Answered'


It's an issue with Simplex as well. Doubt if it's the Plex ATV app. If I select play it will continue to show the rest of the file. Not sure file type matters, it's doing it on mkv's and avi's for sure. Not sure it hasn't been an issue with mp4's as well.


Same issue for me but only sometimes!


same as @Nafoot


avi & mp4 for me so far here!

didn't use to happen before the last app update?


Experienced this 2 times as well, iPhone 5, latest iOS and Plex.


Same problem here.


Outch sometimes it's 5minitrs left !! WTF???


I am experiencing this and I had to scroll to where it stopped so I can watch the remaining video. It's been like this since I got AppleTV 4 (meaning new PMS and Plex for AppleTV) Before that I had no problem with PlexConnect and PMS 0.9.12.x.

Just noticed that there's out now... but the note doesn't say anything about this issue. I'll go ahead update to and wait for fix from you, Plex guys... Have a good day!


I also suffer from this on avi & mp4
up to date Plex for ATV client


How is this not listed as a known issue?
Thanks for the free app... but as a plex pass subscriber, no acknowledgement at least?

Also - if I "scroll" through to the end... audio is out of sync. And of course can't pause and exit, as the video is already "watched" so goes back to the start.

Guys. Come on.


me too! MKV files.


Same issue here on avi files using my ipad, kind of frustrating ! thanks !


Yep, me too very frustrating. New Apple TV app.