Error - Server Not Available



On my Xbox One, I'm getting persistent error messages that my server is offline. Can access server perfectly fine in web client, iPad, and Android. Server is a Mac mini (running Sierra 10.12.6). Had been working perfectly fine yesterday, and nothing has changed in configuration or setup. Help?


FYI - my Xbox One shows up in the device list on the server


Try removing and then re-adding on the PLEX server. Since update I had friends that had the same issue and this resolved it.


uninstalling/reinstalling plex server?


Completely reinstalled media server. Exact same problem persists


I think he means to remove and re-add the device in the device list on the server


Unfortunately, the didn't work either. I've removed and re-added (re-linked) the xbox and it still doesn't work.


2 things you can try to do.
1. delete and reinstall plex on the xbox (you prob did already) if that doesn't work then try #2
2. Go to the Settings icon (Gear). Select All Settings. Go down to Network. Select Network Settings. Select Advanced Settings. Select Alternate MAC Address. Select Clear. The Xbox will restart itself and it takes a little bit of time. Reopen Plex and see if it works now.


Outstanding! #2 did the trick. Thanks much.


Awesome glad it helped!!


This is happening again. Solution that previously worked (clearing MAC address on Xbox) no longer works anymore.


I would also note that, like before, web client and iOS client work perfectly fine - no problems at all. It seems to be the Xbox client that is the only one with the provlem