Extreme stuttering and buffering from remote server



Hi all,

I've been having some pretty aggressive stuttering and buffering from my remote server across multiple devices, internet connections and pieces of content, including across mediums (audio vs. movie vs. television).

I've confirmed the server itself is not experiencing network congestion, and the total throughput is more than suitable for 1080p streaming.

When streaming, I'm sometimes able to drop down to 720p (4 Mbps or 3 Mbps) and stream without issue, but even then it can be dicey.

I've attached my logs for reference


when you check out https://app.plex.tv/desktop#!/status/playing during such a playback session and hover over the poster…
what information do you get there? any transcoding and if so… is your server capable to deal with it?


Server has Intel Xeon® CPU E31220 @ 3.10GHz

I’m seeing Converting (Throttled) when transcoding H264 to H264, audio DCA to AAC



More information is needed.

  1. Confirming the speed of your internet service from only one point is insufficient. You must perform a two-way test. Upload and download a large file which will require 60 seconds to complete in each direction. If you wish a precise measurement, iperf3 will give you fine grained results reported at 10 second intervals
  2. “Throttled” tells me the transcoder output buffers are full and it’s waiting for the media to be consumed (sent and played).


On QNAP, obtaining logs manually is a bit of a PITA if you’ve not taken the preliminary step. Even at this point, with PMS not responding, we can still perform that setup and save you tons of frustration.

This is the link to a simple QNAP qpkg which, when you install manually in App Center, creates a Shared Folder pointing directly to PMS which you can then open in File Station and grab your logs (right click and make a ZIP file of ) This was written by one of the Ninjas. He’s the one who taught me how to “QNAP” >:)


I would like you to do the following:

  1. Open Resource Monitor -> Processes -> See if Plex is running (and ‘Plex’ processes are showing active)
  2. Install the QPKG
  3. Open File Station, go to the Plex (PMS) share and drill into it until you see the Logs directory. Right-click logs and create a ZIP/tar.gz of it and then attach here.


Hi @ChuckPA

My home network has similarly high speeds (300 Mbps down)

Ran iperf3 for a single stream and multiple:

[ 6] 0.0-30.0 sec 96.2 MBytes 26.9 Mbits/sec

[SUM] 0.0-20.2 sec 65.5 MBytes 27.3 Mbits/sec

Where else should we look?


Log files - as requested


Hi @ChuckPA see attached

Also, please note this is an Ubuntu server, not QNAP


Thanks. I was looking at my qnap’s iperf3 at that instant. Sorry.

I see a ton of scanner activity refreshing media and, what looks like adding music.
I also see thumbnails being created.
I also see sync activity to an iPad.

The E3-1220 is a 6000 Passmark CPU. Objectively asking, do you have enough CPU for the audio conversion and thumbnails simultaneously? (PMS doesn’t show me any sense of CPU loading) nor does it tell me how much of your LAN is utilized


@ChuckPA all good!

I’ve made the following changes:

  1. Adjusted the music files that were causing repeated scans
  2. Disabled chapter and video preview thumbnails
  3. Increased the library scan frequency to hourly from every 15 minutes

I’ll try streaming again tonight and see how it goes


@ChuckPA Still having issues trying to play. Can’t get more than a few seconds into a session before the stream completely stops. Affecting multiple players (Chrome web player, Android FireTV app, Chromecast)

More logs attached