Fast forward and rewind will result in infinite loading swirl until restarting episode



I’m having this issue on what seems like 3 files that I recently put on my server. (LOTR movies, approx. 16-17gb each)
If I manually skip forward too far, it locks up and won’t recover and says that it lost connection to the server. If I select a chapter too far ahead, it will do the same thing. I have seen where there are multiples of the same movie playing when this happens. Can’t restart the movie from any point after that unless I either A.)start from the beginning or B.)exit the app and go back in, where again, you have to start from the beginning. It’s quite annoying.

I don’t do this very often but we had a case where we needed to jump ahead so we didn’t have to re-watch everything (they are the extended 3.5+ hour versions). These files will play from start to finish just fine. I don’t think that it is a file problem(MKV files)

I’m using a QNAP server with plenty of power. I’ve transcoded as many as 3 files at once. (that’s a back breaker but it does it.)
Also the Plex client is on an 2017 Nvidia Shield. Most if not all my files are Direct Played or at least Direct Streamed and every so often the audio has to transcode which isn’t a big deal. I tested a handful of other movies ranging in duration and they never had an issue skipping around wherever I wanted almost instantly. If I play them directly on the server using the player on the server, I can skip around just fine as well, which to me was to be expected pretty much.

Have you guys heard anything new on this issue? If anyone wants to know anything else or want help figuring it out, I’d be glad to help. I looked at a few logs but not sure what I’m looking for and the logs are tedious. Not sure if there is a better way to look at/parse them out to find the issue.

This, I think, is my first post in the Plex forums so be gentle. I’m here to help. :slight_smile:
I should also mention for fun that I AM a Plex Pass subscriber.

QNAP TVS-463 Server
Nvidia Shield (2017) w/ Plex client connected via wifi
Plex version
Asus RT-AC3200 Tri-band router w/ 100mbps internet connection and gigabit ethernet connections (to the server)


yeah, the new web player is a piece of sh#t. I get this EVERY TIME I WATCH ANYTHING, literally every time and unlike the OP i find this to be a major problem. Its so bad i am looking into switching to kodi or something else. The web player is a complete train wreck since they “updated” it a few months ago and it doesnt even seem like they are trying to fix it. Its a pretty simple fix really, just revert back to the far superior and fully working web player we had before. I cant watch anything with this f@cking thing, i scan back a little bit, indefinite buffering. Close and reload the video, loads instantly. I cant stress enough how big of a problem this is and all my friends have noticed it too and have been complaining like crazy. I already know 3 people who have switched to kodi bc of this god damned web player. This problem has been around a lot longer that when OP posted, I cant believe there arent more people complaining about his, it basically makes plex unusable in my opinion and i will be switching very soon bc it looks like these fuckwits have no intention of fixing this problem. Also, it does this at the end of a movie/tv show as well, instead of going on to the next episode or movie. Also, you have to reload the damn movie to get subs to work or change the audio, its just a f@cking mess. f@ck you plex, get your sh#t together.


its just a f@cking mess. f@ck you plex, get your sh#t together.

Or, we could try and help you? :relaxed:

Its a pretty simple fix really, just revert back to the far superior and fully working web player we had before

Obviously the player works for the majority of users. We’re not sadistic devs who want our users to be annoyed! The new players and interface have tonnes of new features, so we would not ‘simply’ revert the version.

Please provide samples and logs and we can help you. As mentioned in previous threads, I suspect transcoding is causing you issues - for reasons I don’t yet know.


I have this exact problem with the Plex app 3.1.0 (3.8.0) for Samsung smart TVs streaming movies locally. TV and Plex server are connected to the router by wires.

After forwarding/rewinding, I always have to stop and resume the movie. On top of that, subtitle timing will mess up after forwarding/rewinding. Stopping the movie, quitting Plex then restarting it, and resuming the movie doesn’t help. Starting the movie from the beginning and fast forward to where I was causes the same problem.

Changing streaming quality from original to 720 and back to original helps a little bit. The subtitle is still ahead by a second though.


What is the media and codec types? Could you please send me a sample -



which logs should i provide and how do you post the video sample? Says “file not allowed” when i try to attach it or send it to you. stuff not working right on plex, what else is new. You guys really need to take the saying, “If it aint broke, dont fix it” as your corporate motto.


Best put the large files on something like Dropbox or Google Drive and post a link here.

You can download the logs from the settings screen - shows you where.


video link here. and i attached the logs and thanks for your time.


Great. We’ll take a look. Thanks!


I’m afraid I don’t see any issue with your sample. Do you still the seeking issues on the 1 minute video? If not, please can you send me a larger sample. Thanks!


i dont think so, i dont have any 1 min videos on my plex, you just asked for a 50mb file. But i just tested this one it froze up like everything else real fast, just start randomly seeking to different spot in the video, it will do it. it only does it with the ■■■■ web player though, nothing else, so i dont think its a transcoding problem, especially since its sending the original most of the time anyways. here is the video link


I did, didn’t I? :sweat_smile:

Ok, I’ll try this one to see if I can get the same behaviour as you’re seeing. Thanks!


I can’t repro the issue with your south park episode at all. I can seek happily and playback happens immediately. You said that other clients play it fine, correct? Are they direct playing as well?


I also have this same issue on Chrome on macOS. It started sometime late last year (before was generally flawless) and was so annoying it actually drove me away from Plex for a while. I was hoping it’d be fixed by now but months later nope. You forward/reverse/click the timeline and video stops and get the infinite spinning circle. It seems to be worst on mkvs but also happens on mp4s. On Plex Media Player there is no issue as well as when streaming to my ps4, but the issue persists on Safari and Firefox.


I’ve attached the logs for when I reproduce the issue


Hmm. I see a lot of transcodes there. Not that that means we should behave badly, but may be a difference between our environments.

Do you have subtitles turned on? I also notice you’ve got ‘burn’ turned on, which will cause a transcode if rendering subs. What does this setting show for you?


Mine is also set to automatic. I kind of dumbly assumed from this page that if you restart the server it gives fresh logs, so sorry if that’s way more info than you need. Before sending the logs I restarted it and forced the issue once, then downloaded the logs as it was infinitely spinning. So perhaps if you could look towards the very end of the logs that would simplify things for you.


@“Dom C” said:
I can’t repro the issue with your south park episode at all. I can seek happily and playback happens immediately. You said that other clients play it fine, correct? Are they direct playing as well?

Did you guys fix something? I havent noticed the seeking problem in a while now.


I’d love to say we’d deliberately fixed it, but we haven’t.

I’m glad it’s working for you now - let me know if it comes back.


I also have this problem. When I reload the page (or exit and re-enter the video) it loads within 3 seconds, but when it buffers (for whatever reason) it will literally buffer for infinity. The longest time I have tested it was around 17 days straight.