Favorite: Movies with a Twist



I have a collection (Movies with a Twist) and was pondering which one should be #1.


As for the movie I chose - A friend told me I should watch this movie as he thought I would like it because it had a twist to it. Also, he was curious as to how long it would take me to figure it out. I watched this movie with that conversation in the back of my mind, but failed to realize the truth until the damned ring rolled out from under the chair. My immediate thought was "hey that's BS - what about when he..., or when she..., or...". Then the director took me back and showed that he hadn't been dishonest in the telling of the story - I had ASSuMEd too much while watching.


The #1 Movie with a Twist for me is "The Sixth Sense".


Fight Club has a cool twist in the end...


Not sure if it counts as a twist: Now you see me


Not sure if it counts as a twist: Now you see me

It's one of the movies in my collection. :)


You mind sharing your collection? :D

Love that kind of movie, as you're never sure whats next.


The usual suspects comes to mind :)

And yeah some recommendations on other movies welcome.


A recent one is Coherence. Low budget but very good. Vanilla Sky and The Man From Earth come to mind, the latter being an all time favorite.


The Prestige would have to be my favorite


The Prestige would have to be my favorite

Yes, a very good movie and one that I don't have in my library. Thanks for mentioning it - I will be adding it to my library in the near future. :D


Love those movies too. Nice idea to make a collection of them. :)

Some more movies with a twist:

- Dark City

- Fish Tank

- Match Point

- Oblivion

- Primer


Minority Report


Dark City

Gone Girl

Planet of the Apes



Just saw Gone Girl - A movie with a twist, and with a very twisted character. :D


The movie with the best twist I have ever seen is... The Game, starring Michael Douglas. There's very little I can say about this movie without ruining it other then if you have not seen it I really recommend it. You won't regret it.


Ah yes, the Game is in my collection.

Another movie in my collection that I just recently re-watched: IDENTITY 


Yes, Gone Girl had a sinister twist at the end...