Feature Request: Add/(give back) subtitle font selection option



Hi guys.

I am using PMP on both win and LGTV and one thing really annoys me - there is no option to change subtitle font.
I have cyrillic subtitles on a lot of movies, and italic typeface is incorrect in basic arial font that PMP uses.
On PHT we had an option to select/change the font but now it is gone.

Please advise if it is possible to change the default font in PMP, or include(return) the option to manually select the font.

best regards


Encode your subtitles in UTF-8 and the 'cyrillic' problem vanishes and subtitles will appear in very plex client correctly.

There are ways to convert all SRT files at once.


The problem is not in encoding (btw all my subs are in unicode), but in default Arial font, which have incorrect italic typeface for cyrilic. Arial unicode is correct, btw...plex.ttf from old PHT also is good...



see https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/284922/customizing-subtitle-appearance-in-plex-media-player-pmp#top


Thank you Otto, this was exactly what I needed, for Win version of PMP.
Now just to find the same solution for LGTV version....