Feature Request: Android Auto Support



Using Android Auto is essential for many of us using Podcasts apps like Pocketcasts and to be able to utilize Plex Safely, we need Android Auto Support for the Podcasts section (at least MP3 Podcasts)


Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are interesting spaces and totally make sense for podcasts and music. I’ve added your suggestion to our list to be reviewed by the team. Thanks!


Oh yes! I second that!


This morning had to unlock my phone and start the podcast manually to get it to work with android auto, vote to add podcasts to the menu on android auto.


95% of my podcast listening is in my car. I like what you’re doing with podcasts but I would need this feature to be able to switch from my regular podcast app.


Please also include the ability of a quick rewind button too! Very helpful for when listening to podcasts or audio books and I just need to jump back a minute because I missed something.


Another Android Auto user here, Read the blog, got excited about podcasts, set it up with my favourite casts hoping to remove pocket casts from my phone and browser favourites, love the playback speed function, dropped my phone in the dock in my car and haven’t touched Plex podcasts since.

If I’m going to make the shift over it needs to cover 100% of the same use cases as pocketcast and similar apps otherwise it will be a pain syncing progress between devices and casts.

So close yet so far…


Yep, I can’t switch over until I get some sort of CarPlay support


Android Auto is a must for podcasts for me as well. I’ve been a Plex user for many years and a PlexPass subscriber for over 5 years. Podcasts and audiobooks are 2 features I have been awaiting for most of those years. Imagine the joy that came with the announcement of podcasts and the complete let down upon realization that, for me, it is unusable without Android Auto support. The VAST majority of my podcast listening is in the car and my phone auto switches to Android Auto when it connects to the bluetooth in the car. To turn that off, start the podcast in Plex and then switch AA back on is far more trouble than it’s worth when Pocktcasts is usable out of the box. So, I guess what I am saying in a rather wordy fashion is… One for vore for Android Auto support!!!


+1 on better controls. 20-min into a podcast I hit the Rev/back button (30-sec back in Podcast Addict) and Plex took me back to the start of the episode. Back to Podcast Addict for me. I’d also like to see an auto playlist of my new podcast episodes like PCA.