[Feature Request/Bug] Include full filters for music track view



It seems that when in "Tracks" view, you cannot filter on certain items like Genre. There are many types of albums such as Mixes, Soundtracks, etc that have tracks with multiple genres.

This also causes an issue/bug with synchronization. Since genre is interpreted on an album level, filtering by genre in album view and then synchronizing the results ends up synchronizing all content on all albums where the first song added matches that genre.

This request is to standardize music metadata filtering the same way all other music players function, which is by interpreting the metadata at a track level.



+1 for this -- should also be able to filter by year in "Tracks view"


Is there a solution for this? I still have to use Itunes cause I can’t make music playlists. This is the most ANNOYING BUG I have ever seen! I want to make playlists based on Genre but I don’t want all the slow songs by the same artists! PLEASE FIX!


Still no update on when track-based filtering (mainly for genre) will be added? This problem is getting worse every day, as more and more music is singles, compilations, etc that doesn’t follow a strict single genre artist -> album -> song hierarchy


+1. Trying to create a Christmas playlist, and while it gets the albums, I have a bunch of tracks that are tagged with “christmas” whose albums are not. A further question is, how does plex determine “album” tags? There is no such thing as an “album”, really, just tracks that have ID3 tags. Does plex assign tags to albums if all tracks have those tags? Or a majority? It doesn’t seem to do it if one track, say, has a tag, but the other’s don’t. A little transparency here would be nice and appropriate…