Feature Request: Disable thumbnails and discriptions for unseen episodes



Hi all, I've just started using Plex and while I absolutely love most of it, I can't help but notice that while looking through shows I've already watched off of Plex, the descriptions range from decent synopsis to spoiler-ville summary, and the thumbnails are an equal crapshoot. I'm a bit hesitant to add shows that I have not watched yet, simply because TVDB is so inconsistent with its spoiler policy. I looked around the web and it seems that Plex does not have a definitive feature that hides descriptions and the like from unwatched shows. Sure, there are skins that can be used for the PC's media player, but as someone who uses the Roku app, I don't have that option. I'm also aware of some pretty rudimentary options as well, including manually going through the offending episodes and deleting such and such, but I don't think users should have to do that just to have peace of mind when they hit the post-play screen after an episode. I know this has been requested quite a bit but I really do think it would be a really nice feature to add.


This is something I have seen mentioned/requested before and if it is a problem it probably should be allowed as an option.

However I also have to say I have never seen, except for sports, a poster or a spoiler description that actually spoiled anything. Sports posters sometimes show a late in the game screen shot that has the score on it and that is an unwanted spoiler.

I wonder exactly how people are using Plex if they regularly see any description of the episode at all. When I want to play a show I highlight the poster for the show or episode and press play. I never see the description at all, just the name of the the episode and the poster and I have never seen a show poster that reveal anything.

In fact the old private Roku channel “RARFlix” had the ability to optionally show a “pop-out” description of an episode when the episode was focused and I actually miss that. When I used it I do not ever remember seeing a description that actually spoiled the episode.


I employ your method too, and I also employ the “skip to next episode” button on the video interface. It really comes down to the “uncertainty” of the post-play screen. Granted, not a lot of the episode’s description can be seen if it’s a longer summary, and the old adage of “just don’t look at it” works pretty decently, but again, I think not having to dash my eyes away from after every episode (even if it might actually help me reconsider how much time I’m actually wasting binging my shows) just in case would enhance the Plex experience for me a great deal.