[Feature request] I dont even know what this is called to ask for it..


Would there be any way for Plex to accomplish this?

Im normally not bothered by the black bars, all my PC monitors are 16:10 even, but i want to get this whenever the 4k version is released, ive wanted something like that since i saw a phillips ambilight tv years ago.

Unfortunately for 2.35:1 and 4:3 content, i cant decide how annoyed id be by this and if id be kicking myself for wasting a bunch of money on something i hate.

The best thing i can think of to mitigate that would be this "ghosted pillarboxing" (is this even the name for this?) in my above example. Like what they do with vertical cell phone videos on the news? is there any conceivable way to do that on the fly? Or would i have to pretty much reencode my entire library somehow and add 25% to the file size of everything? Because thats all i can think of and its not really feasible.