[Feature Request] Lock screen playback controls on iOS



If you download the Google Play app and cast to Chromecast, then lock your iPhone, playback controls are displayed on the lock screen in addition to the album art.

I'm not sure how much work it'd be but, would be nice to be able to do that with plex.


That would definitely be cool (not just for Chromecast, but when remoting to other apps, too).  I'll pass the idea along!


Thanks Chris!


Anything that eliminates an extra step is good in my book. +1


Any info from Plex regarding this? Is it possible to implement?


Controlling the plex app from lock screen would be great. Would be sometimes easier to pause or skip music or movie casting to plex app on tv, raspberry or whatever.


Playback controls on lockscreen while casting to chromecast — yes, please!


Is this possible? Would allow also my Plex app to not lose sync with the Chromecast


I’d love to have this feature actually work!
It would probably also help to keep the Chromecast from disconnecting with the app so frequently.
I’m not sure if it would explicitly hello but it seems the support for it is getting easier to implement. Set some run in background flags and play an empty audio file while casting.