Feature Request: Make the arrow keys act the same on the web app as the media player.



I use the web app to watch a lot of my media while on the computer. so it's a bit frustrating that the arrow keys skip to the next episode, when every other player will skip ahead a certain number of seconds when you press the arrow keys (thinking of the apple TV, and the media player app on the computer). Also youtube and a lot of other video sites on the internet use the arrow keys to skip ahead a few seconds as well. It would just be nice to have some consistency.


For this to work well we’ll first need the youtube-like buffering.
Go vote for it here (hit the like button).

Once that’s done then we can get seeking like youtube and the like does it.

But I agree 100% with you, I can’t really use Plex to play media until you can seek 5 secs forward/backwards with 0 buffering between seeks like YouTube (given you’re within the buffer).


What about Desktop web client in the Plex Media Player? It looks like it just loads Plex Web for UI, but uses mpv for player backend, instead of some web libraries. Mpv can use youtube-like buffering, right? Cause it surely uses the arrows in the TV mode, but for web mode I forced to use , . or shift+arrows, but every time I forget - I inadvertently skip to the next episode… Really frustrating indeed. Arrows seek is crucial in desktop web mode, I really hope that someone can fix it, at least for use with PMP.


Wait, what does youtube buffering have to do with anything? This is literally re-mapping the arrow keys to make the player work the same with every other modern player. As it is right now, the exact same functionality can be achieved buy holding down shift and using the arrow keys. There are on-screen buttons for that as well.

The very essence of this request is to prioritize seeking over skipping when the arrow keys are pressed, it has nothing to do with the back-end infrastructure. Since every other player out there uses the arrow keys to seek within the same video file, Plex becomes a bit annoying because people are most likely used to the “standardized” controls.

Could this idea actually be revisited independently of the buffering issue? This is a simple key re-mapping request. A toggle in the settings would be perfect.