[Feature Request] More Customization for Home screen and Other Sections



The new design is getting closer to being helpful, but it would be nice if we could take it a step further.

  • Let us add ANYTHING to the Home screen and arrange it the way we want. For instance, when I get in my car I play the same music playlist A LOT, so it would be nice to be able to pin that playlist to the Home screen. Let us pin albums, artists, shows, whatever, not just sections like "Recently Played."

  • Ability to create a custom section and add whatever we want to it, and add it to the home screen. This would allow us to mix media types and have our favorite stuff in one section on the home screen.

  • Let us customize the other sections the same way we can the Home screen. Would be nice, for instance, on the Music tab to be able to arrange the content the way I want to see it. Same for other sections (this will be especially great for the Podcasts section once we're able to download podcasts locally.

  • On Home screen (and other sections) make it more obvious which server the section is referring to. I added a section from my "Local Device" rather than the server but the Home screen doesn't differentiate the two.