[Feature Request] Please enable 'Use embedded tags' in Photo libraries


Now that we have an online source for tagging our photos, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised to find that, like Last.FM and Gracenote, the online source's accuracy (and therefore usefulness) is, shall we say, less than stellar.

It took far too long, but Plex finally implemented an option to use embedded tags in Music libraries. This single change has, in my mind, had the greatest impact on the usability of Plex as a whole. The headaches I endured because of the garbage metadata that came from Last.FM and Gracenote are a thing of the past, because of this one change in Plex. I think, if Plex were to implement the same feature in Photo libraries, it would have the same high level of impact on Plex's usability.

Please implement the 'Use embedded tags' feature in Photo libraries.

And please, to everyone who agrees, add your vote by clicking 'Like' on this message.

Refresh the Photo Library plugin with Support for XMP

Definitely. It seems to be a bit ridiculous that they've introduced a new automatic tagging feature (that sends photos to a third party!) and still don't pull existing ones from the photos themselves!


It would be really good, if Plex can use embedded tags from EXIF & XMP, I have my photos name tagged using Picasa.

I Plex can read those tags, it would be really great.


I would also like to see this "Use Embedded Tags" option. We would find it most helpful to be able to search the Plex Library for 3rd party assigned keywords that are accessible to exiftool queries. We tag our photos with Adobe Lightroom, which appends keywords to the EXIF / IPTC fields in the image such as...

History Action : saved
History Instance ID : xmp.iid:c7c66afd-5532-0a4e-9c38-c2e7c5ccbfb4
History When : 2017:01:20 12:15:42-06:00
History Software Agent : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.8 (Windows)
Region Name : Donald Trump, Barack Obama
Region Type : Face, Face
Region Area H : 0.17866, 0.18033
Region Area W : 0.11864, 0.11975
Region Area X : 0.33843, 0.52227
Region Area Y : 0.18482, 0.27823
Keywords : Donald Trump, Barack Obama


Yes please!!! I thought this would be the case when we got photo tags. But nope, another "easy way" of plex's. I'm same, have begun tagging my photos with EXIF data. Would certainly be nice! I have descriptions on loads of them.


All we can do now it try to get the developer attention by bringing more traffic to this thread and getting more LIKES on beckfield's post!


I support this request and would love to use the exif info.


Definately a needed feature, especially a way to display the EXIF description somewhere (bottom of the screen?),while the running a slideshow.


Would be a really nice feature, please implement.


I second this request.


I third this request.


Reading and using embedded and XMP sidecar metadata would be an important feature! Please implement.


Please add manual tags/keywords in photos


Please most definitely on this request


Please vote.


Definitely a very basic requirement for a photo library tool. Plex is a great package in all other media areas but when it comes to photos it's next to useless without the ability to display and filter by embedded tags, it doesn't even show the title of the photo!
Seeing as some metadata is being picked up from the file (mainly camera info), surely it can't be that big a change to enable using the other standard EXIF tags?
While the new auto tagging feature is a nice headline grabbing announcement, in reality for most of us that are serious about organising our photos it's the tags we apply that are important, not those that some service makes a guess at. I would personally have preferred it if the developers had spent their time on embedded metadata.

Please Plex developers can we see this done sooner rather than later?


Would love this as well


Some Mac-loving developer just added this new timeline feature instead :-) Maybe the majority of people using plex don´t care about EXIF data, but instead want the Mac experience of random autonomous picture handling.


Would really like to have this implemented.


I can't be the only one who lives (or has lived) in Lightroom - my photos all come to Plex with an extensive library of tags I maintain in Lightroom. Ability to detect/ingest/search tags (or more generally, EXIF metadata) would be huge!