[Feature Request] Skip Forward = 30seconds



Hi Plex Team

Thank you for the great Apple TV App. :-)

Actually are the skip back / skip forward both 10 seconds. In other Plex clients (PHT, iOS) is the skip forward 30 seconds. Can you change this?
Thank you.


I think it's a global ATV media player function, and not individual apps. Likely something in the media playback API that Apple doesn't provide a way for developers to customize. Every app's playback slider has the same 10 second forward/back. Would be great if Apple would add the option to configure this in Settings. Personally, I'd like it to be 10 seconds for back, 30 for forward. I do like that I can at least use Siri to 'skip ahead 30 seconds', but doing it with the remote's touchpad would be ideal.


Yes 10 seconds back and 30 forward would be great


I love this to


I actually prefer the more fine-grained control the 10 seconds gives us. Three quick clicks on the remote will give you the 30 seconds skip and it's fairly quick. Alternatively you can use Siri to skip ahead or back any amount of time you specify.


30s forward and 10 back would be way better then the current 10 forward 10 back. Especially when watching DVRed content.

This should be fairly easy to implement using MPRemoteCommandCenter to set the preferredIntervals on the skip commands. (WWDC Video)