Feature Request: View entire play queue in Plex Web app



I'm using the plex web app (Windows server version to play music and cast it to a Chromecast. The "play", "play next", "add to up next" are working fine - music is playing. Yay.

After queueing up a few albums or many singles I have a long list of music in the queue. Often I want to review and modify the queue; I want to change the order of items in the queue, sometimes remove items. Basically I want to use play to DJ for a house party, etc and perhaps allow guests to update the queue as well

I found the "up next" function in the web app, and it does some of what I need. However I find it has limitations:
- I cannot see or scroll through the whole play queue. I can only see part of the play queue
- when there are more items in the queue than will display in the window, the items displayed are not the ones at the head of the queue. I cannot see the song that is next.

Is there a way to view and scroll through the entire play queue in the Plex Web app? I want to be able to do the following:
- view and scroll through the entire queue
- change the order of items in the queue
- remove items from the queue
- ideally I could use multiple select as well (I don't like implicit queues so often want to remove all of the songs added implicitly)


As an alternative, you could create a playlist from the Up Next queue. Then you could do everything you’re asking for, except multi-select. When viewing the Up Next queue, at the top right corner of the list is an “add to playlist” icon. There’s no tooltip explaining what it is, but it looks like a small version of the “add to playlist” icon on the left sidebar.



I was wondering if I was the only one to find this bug annoying ! that's just that when you want to scroll on the "play queue" small popup, it's just changing the playing volume. Very annoying !

Why isn't it a link to "show entire play queue" ? or is it just hidden somewhere ? Am I the only one missing this very basic function ?


If I'm queueing up several albums for a couple hours of work, I would prefer not to have to make a playlist just to manage the songs queued up to play.

Any way that the playlist interface could be re-used for "Up Next"? Even if there's a temporary playlist under-the-hood so the playlist interface could be re-used without effort would be awesome.

Thanks for all the work on Plex, loving have it set up!


Yeah, I am a bit bothered by this too. I have adapted by creating daily playlists. In particular I want to be able to shuffle my queue. If anyone knows how to do so without a temporary playlist please let me know.


+1 for either a button to view/manage the entire queue, or at least a scroll bar in the pop-up.


+1, spent a lot of time looking for this, can't believe it's not present


+1 also had this issue just now.

To reiterate what I would find useful:

  • Up Next was scrollable
  • Up Next/Now playing (music) had a full screen view where I could see the entire upcoming list.
  • Shuffle (so I don't manually have to shuffle my list that I probably queued up in a non-random order)


+1 please note that these are really basic functions of a media player program. You can find it everywhere and I am really surpised that it is missing in plex (its a shame). I have just checked, even the very simple win10 stock "groove music" program can manage queues! The basic queue functions a proper music / media program has to provide:
- add to queue (artist, album, song)
- scroll the queue,
- reorder the queue by drag and drop, delete items
- shuffle the queue
- all this whitout the need to make a playlist
- possibility to save the queue as a playlist
You may look at the pc programs Itunes, Spotify, Sonos, etc. even Groove music... to see how it is done.

EDIT: Even the free Audio Station of Synology - which looks much simpler than plex - can do all these queue functions. I will use Audio Station until Plex develops proper queue functions.


Have to say that I agree with @zoli99 - I like to use mixes based on a track (Plex Mix) but can't see what's coming up. Most annoying. Hope this gets fixed soon.


Agreed, I love love love Plex, but they put almost no effort into the actual media player functionality. It's pitiful. I remember the good old days of Winamp playlists, wish there was a love child of Plex and Winamp.


@blakflag said:
Agreed, I love love love Plex, but they put almost no effort into the actual media player functionality. It’s pitiful. I remember the good old days of Winamp playlists, wish there was a love child of Plex and Winamp.

“almost no effort” - this is wildly unfair. The devs have put a lot of work into…pretty much everything…even since I bought a PlexPass a couple months ago (used the free version for years and finally got a nice offer :smiley:). They have to balance functionality and user experience, which is not an easy thing to do.

To prove my point, the play queue has had a major upgrade!! Add to queue, reorder, delete, scroll, save to playlist all work for me, as of Version


I've noticed the update, and it's definitely an improvement albeit with one major flaw: It appears that the list can only display the next 20 items at a time; you have to play the last item for it to load more visible items, so no reordering from the bottom of the queue if you have a longer playlist (like 100 items or so)


As of the latest release, The play queue in the web app will only display 23 of the songs in the queue(I currently have 111 songs in the queue). This does not change based on page scaling either. Played tracks do not disappear off the top of the queue either. There is a scroll bar for the queue... maybe next update it will actually scroll the entire queue.


We don't scroll the entire queue and intend to show the previous and next 20 items. Are you seeing the current item 'fall off' the end of the queue?


No, I don't see that, I see the +/- 20 tracks you mention. which seems like an odd design decision.

here's what I see as an example:
I goto an artist and play. this artist has 193 tracks.
I then goto the play queue, and I am not able to browse the whole play queue.
play queue has 193 songs, yet I can only scroll to see 21 tracks in this example.

If I play the last track that is visible in my queue (track #21), the previous tracks are still visible at this point (the previous 20), and now the the next 20 are now visible.

If I then play the last track that is visible again (track ~#41), tracks 1-20 are no longer in the beginning of the queue.

what problem does "allow +/- 20 tracks to be visible" solve?
either you can see the play queue that the user created correctly or you can't.

If there's some backend arbitrary design limitation, make it +/-500.

the shuffle button is a whole other story.... it shuffles the track order instead of just jumping to random items in the play queue. once you click shuffle, you'll get 20 randomized songs from the whole queue.
It would seem like a better interface if the player randomly selected a play queue item instead of randomizing the list itself (and playing linearly).

I would recommend changing the behavior to the following:
retain the play queue that the user has created, allowing it to be scrolled in it's entirety.
if they scroll down....load more of the queue(if the whole thing can't be retained for some reason).

as a bonus, change the shuffle function to change what song in the queue is played next, instead of shuffling the entire queue and playing 'next'. This had the added benefit of maintaining what the user put in the queue.
In my example, The artist with 193 tracks (18 albums) were in a coherent order, album1,album2,........ After clicking shuffle, I'm no longer able to go look for a specific track If I want to because of the jumbled queue (...and I can only see 20 anyways(40 if I play the 'lowest' one on the queue)...the previous issue mentioned).