Feedback on Main page



A few months ago, additions were made to how we login. Adding Facebook, etc. Having more options is great, but you made so the user has to click to even get those options, including by email. So the change was from one click, then type info to 2 clicks then type in info. I did not like it, but it was OK and was not a big deal.

Now the entire main page is redesigned with no indication where to login at. I looked top to bottom, clicked on the your media Icon and then noticed the menu in the upper left hand corner (click #1). Clicked the sign in option (click #2). Clicked email (Click #3). After I login, I get dropped back to the redesigned main page and I am looking for the launch button. Guess what? It is under that menu (click #4). Click Launch (click#5)

5 Click to get into the media. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS THINKING? THIS IS NOT BETTER!

Just put login. launch and sign out buttons back on the main screen. Everyone's user experience will better for it

Plex PASS User
Tim Naber


Thank you for making changes. It is much appreciated.