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I think this issue may be a little different.  I apologize if this has been answered.  I ripped a video series a few years ago using the xvid setting on my ripper. All of my files have .avi extension.  I have these files stored in my plex server, using a home movies section.  They're all in one folder, I don't have sub names or anything like that, and the file name is the name of the song.  These are live music clips from a tv show.  Yesterday, I started ripping some new ones.  Now I'm using a .mkv extension.  (I've had problems resuming .avi with the plex for samsung, but .mkv isn't a problem). Now, when I view those new rips on my tv, they're all using the embedded metadata for a name, instead of the file name that I gave it.  I originally thought it was a cache issue, so I cleared my browser cache, removed the section and re-added it.  It used the file names, but as it refreshed, they were all changed to the embedded metadata name.  The only thing is that the old files aren't doing that.  The files that I ripped years ago have the embedded, crappy metadata, but they're using the file names, which is what I want.  It's the newly ripped files that are acting funky.  I looked at 2 files using MediaInfo.  The only differences between the old and new files are: 1) Old files are .avi and new files are .mkv and 2) New files have something called a Unique ID.  It's a really long, 38 digit decimal number, followed by a 34 digit hexadecimal number.  Is there any way that I can have Plex use the file names as title names or will I have to recode everything to match the original format.  I have about 150 of the original files correctly appearing, and about 70 are recently done and messed up.  


Thanks for any advice.


AVI implementation for metadata was never standardized for the format, thus plex uses what's available, the filename

Metadata for MKV is standardized more than AVI, so as a home movies section it will use that over the file names.

recommendation : Convert everything to MKV and tag them properly so plex handles them as you expect.


Thanks.  Not what I wanted to hear, but it's better that I know now, before I rip the rest of the files.  I'll have to convert them again to change the metadata.  Thanks a bunch for the response. 


You can reMux them to MKV without converting them again. There is a really good tool kit to make MKVs, see my signature of mkvToolNix link. 

I did some searching, sadly there is no easy or simple way to global tag MKVs. The matroska website has some example XML files you can start with for various things.

I did find one program that seemed to be able to do it, foobar2000. You can add custom fields and edit existing ones. Even though foobar2k is meant for audio files, it can still handle the video files & tag them :)