Fire TV 4K - DTS




Hoping someone has a simple answer for this as I’m getting conflicted answers. Does the Fire TV allow DTS passthrough? I have a shield and it plays everything I throw at it and all direct play, but have another room and can’t justify another shield. It will be fire TV in to AV Reciever, into TV. Also if I had a DTS-HD/Dolby-HD track, will it downscale this to a normal DTS/Dolby? All of this direct play I might add.





Works on mine, as long as I use HDMI. Goes to stereo if you try to use something else.


@MrGobz The amazon fire TV spec is here
No DTS but it does now do Dolby Atmos in the 3rd gen. You can get 5.1 output with DTS but it will have been transcoded to PCM by the server. Personally I am still having problems getting the AC3 5.1 to passthrough it is all stereo. Personally if I were you I would think about a chromecast as it should be cheaper. The only things I know of that do give DTS passthrough, a PC with an HDMI graphics card, or a shield.

People say that plex on kodi on a fire tv can work but that depends on the version of kodi and the use of a hack that is not 100% with all AV Recievers and has been known to cause problems.