Fire TV UI ... disable reviews?



This new Fire TV UI is one of the most horrible user interfaces I've ever seen (and I'm a 42-year software engineer). Pushing new so-called "features" like Reviews in movies. WHO CARES? I do not want that crap on the screen.

But of course, with this useless new Fire TV app Plex is taking the Microsoft approach to software ... shove it down peoples throats and don't give them any options or choices. Like no way to set an IP for your local PMS so it must go over the Internet. Not only stupid but a massive waste of bandwidth and money. THAT in and of itself is enough to dump this software.

If this is the way Plex software is going then I will cancel my Plex Pass, make sure everyone knows Plex has gone the way of overbearing forced tactics and they don't listen to their PAYING users. What's next? Forced advertisements?


Make sure you rate their app and give them a one-star review in the Amazon store.


I too work in software development and second the fact that this "upgrade" is a big flaming bag of poo. So many features lost to a horrible UI that no longer tells you the name of anything unless you've highlighted it. UX, navigation flow, who needs that? Clearly not AFT users.


Wow! O-H W-O-W! Can you screw up a new UI any worse?! Please put back the old UI, and promptly fire the person who approved this new one! This sucks!


So the UI doesn't bug me as much as the AAC audio playback issues that I am having now, which everything I can find says to disable AAC in the app, but apparently they removed that ability with the UI change...


Agreed the new UI is terrible. The previous one was perfect.


@HinesFamily09 said:
Agreed the new UI is terrible. The previous one was perfect.

C'mon, Man... 'Perfect' is NOT what it was.
'Perfect' is NOT what the new one is either.
'Perfect' is a goal out of Plex's reach apparently wherein 'Good Enough' is more their speed.

Inspirational posters hanging around Plex HQ:

Auxiliary Power.
Emergency Repairs.
Belly Landing.
Damage Report.
Taking on water, but flooding under control - how far to repair dock?
Cut to length, beat to fit, paint to match.

Still waiting for some acknowledgement that those promised improvements are on the way... but in the interim at least we have those reviews, eh? Thank God for them - otherwise this app would be useless.


With 16 libraries reversing the menu and content where the "main menu" has things that are rarely used and makes people horizontal scroll through their libraries is monumentally stupid and irritating.

Removing options is unforgivable - like the IP address for a server.

So now I'm going to express my displeasure on all social media, these forums, GitHub, and ever other place I can pointing-out that has abandoned users and spending their time chasing so-called "features" that NO ONE cares about. Bells and whistles never replace solid functionality ... and this server and the players are getting WORSE not better.


Try it with 26!

More proof that Plex has no idea how users are running the thing.
Plex has pigeon-holed their design into the way Plex Developers use the product - and that's what happens when you don't include users in the process.

Actually, you'll never get me to believe Developers are using Plex at all!
From the looks of their apps they don't know what Plex is!


There is no way you can use this current app, day in and day out, give a **** about the work you're doing, and release something like this with a good feeling.



Plex is unusable on fire tv after update. Choppy playback. Please fix


I second, or third or one hundredth, the crappy ass new UI on the fire tv.
This is a horrendous piece of what-not-to-do. First you start by having to press the right button to just get to the same menu that you were just on, WTF? Someone needs to take a simple lesson from UX design, no more than 3 clicks to get where you want to go.

I was absolutely shocked at this bad UI that I thought it was some joke, I think I could design a better one and I'm not a UX/UI designer.

Plex is getting too big for themselves and trying to do too much and it is showing drastically in their choices. They pushed out this UI change thinking it was the next best thing and it is anything but.


Yea, but...

Those 'Reviews', Man... I mean, they changed my life.
43 easy clicks, a lock-up, a simple Force Stop, Clear Cache and Reboot and, like magic, I'm reading a review from - well - a stranger - about a movie I picked and put on my server so I could watch it. I'll have to start writing down the actors on Post-It Notes and stick them to my TV, but WOW! I am impressed!

I mean if Chester "Chains" Maldonado from 'Scooter Trash Weekly' says great things about my movie - I know I made the right decision and as soon as I Force Stop, Clear Cache and Reboot again I am going to watch the **** of this thing!

"Chains" hated Casablanca - so I deleted that trash. Thanks to Plex and "Chains"!

This brings a whole new level of enjoyment to what once was my pitiful existence.



i completely agree with all comments, it is terrible. Windows 8 Terrible!
i set up users for my household as i don't want my kid watching things that are not age appropriate, however the new update just completely by- passes the user selection screen and opens the last user that used the app.
what is the point of allowing users if the UI will just bypass this!!


@Torres.matthew said:
i completely agree with all comments, it is terrible. Windows 8 Terrible!

That's it!

This new UI is Plex 8 for AFTV!

Brilliant! (not)


Please bring back the old UI. This UI is awful and almost unusable.