Firefox 56 + Plex It! still working for you?



I've been using Plex It for a very long time but recently it stopped working (it gets stuck on "looking for videos..." forever).

All I can think of is Firefox 56 being the culprit, as I have no new add-ons and it still works when I use Chrome.

Anyone using Firefox 56 and Plex It?


It is very slow on recent Firefox versions. On Chrome everything is fine.

It's just one of several annoyances Plex has currently. I stopped bothering ...


I just updated to Firefox 56 (macOS) and successfully added some YouTube videos to my queue. What site are you adding video from to your queue?


Hmm, seems Plex It does work again after a few days of being stuck on "looking for videos".
Problem solved.

I am on Firefox for Windows, btw.


Plexit stopped working on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I'm done with Plex, far too much work.


Any updates on this?

None of my Watch it Later videos are working (including ones that worked in the past). This is trying directly from plex on my desktop (IE, Chrome) and Roku Client..
All of the videos are from youtube if that means anything.
But overall, lately the feature has been very flakey both with adding video using Plex IT bookmarklet (can't find video) and playing the videos later.

Plexweb 3.3.1 (windows7)