First half second of every song is cut off on ROKU 4



When using my ROKU 4 as my PLEX player, every song loses the first beat (about a quarter to half sec) of play regardless of file format. I use mainly mp3 or AAC in 320. Gaps between songs are also about that length. The ROKU 4 is connected to my Marantz preamp via HDMI (Monster Black Platinum).
This is not the case when I use my Marantz AV7702mkii to play the files, although this is not a PLEX app. It is just able to see the PLEX media server and access its content - and it is pretty much gapless and without any content getting cut off.
I do run into an issue with the Marantz preamp when trying to play WAV or FLAC files. I get a file format error, even though the preamp is able to play these file formats. I have not tried using Windows DLNA instead, but will try that.
I like the interface of PLEX on the ROKU better than the Marantz media player, but the fact that it seems to handle song transitions better makes me use it instead.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution (apart from abandoning ROKU as the player device)?



I have a roku premier since december 2016 and I’m having exactly the same problem when playing flac files. mp3 @320 seems to be ok…


Same issue here with flac music but I think is around 1 or two seconds, I have Roku Ultra but Seems that Roku is the problem, no Plex because Roku have sync problems in the last versions of the firmware with all apps.

Many people is moving on to Nvidia Shield


Same with Roku 3. I use flac myself.


I have a Roku Premiere+ that I just purchased a few months ago and am having the same problem. I know it must be Roku and not another part of my system because the problem shows up even when I listen using headphones connected to the Roku remote (thereby bypassing any other equipment). I do not have this problem if I use the Plex app on my android smart TV. I do not have this problem with audio on any TV/movie I watch on Roku. I even returned my first Roku Premiere+ box and exchanged it for a new one and still have the problem. Ironically, I did not have this problem when I used the Plex Classic app on my old Roku LT. I guess that’s “progress” for you. I used to recommend Roku to everyone who asked about it but after this and seeing how long it has been going on, I no longer can.


I recently replaced my Roku4 with an AppleTV 4K and Plex plays smooth as butter on it. Pretty much gapless on tracks that overlap, like live tracks. While I don’t like the app interface as much on ATV, this alone is worth the change for Plex.