Fix for Samsung TV?



Please, we want samsung tv fix.


While I agree samsung’s app has a couple issues, what issues are you talking about?

My current issues: TrueHD audio plays fine every once and awhile, then sometimes it will start buffering and I have to fall back to AC3 (I backup both audio tracks). DTS-HD plays perfectly.

And I may need to bail on the plex app and build a pc to run plex embedded because my TV only has a 100mb connection and some of my high bit rate 4K videos are having to pause for a sec every few minutes to catch up.


any news for that?


I’d imagine the fix requested is for the bug introduced with the latest release which causes all anamorphic DVD rips to play square with nice fat black bars on either side, if direct-played. I’m quite keen on this as well, as the Samsung app was the only one which played without issue, compared to Chromecast / FireTV Stick (my only two other options - both have major issues, IMO)


My Cloud server still doenst work on samsung Smart tv it always says that is offline, im getting sick about this


i am on plex cloud ver
where i can find the ip of my server?
i want try manual conection