[FIXED][Mi Box] Songs in FLAC format are getting cut before they finish playing



I’ve noticed that songs in FLAC format are cut a few seconds before they end up playing, for example, I played a song with 4:06 minutes and it was cut at 3:56 mark, I tested more songs and they were cut with different amounts of time, depending on their duration.

  • The songs are not transcoded.

  • This doesn’t happen with the MP3 format.

  • I’m using the latest server and latest Plex app on the Xiaomi Mi Box.

  • This doesn’t happen with the android app for smartphones.


Same problem here.
Client: NVidia Shield Pro, all updates.
Server: asustor AS5104T - with Celeron CPU
Local network, wired Gigabit Ethernet.
Streaming to my android phone over 4G does not present this problem.
Since I use plex mostly for music - this bug is a real showstopper.
Please feel free if I can provide any other information.
Some directions of what logs you need, and how to get them would be appreciated though.


I stopped using Plex as a music player some time ago because of issues like this. There seems to be no appetite within Plex “Inc” to address the music feature deficiencies. Plenty of development time for pointless authentication systems that stop you using Plex without a 'net connection but hey, …


Hi, I still have this issue on Mi box with plex (exoplayer V2) with latest flex media server


Even if I have problems to play some FLAC files as stated here:

I can confirm the songs are not getting cut anymore, they now play completely.

Thank you Plex developers for addressing this.