Folder View?



Is there a way to view Movies in a list (like the List BE view) but organized by folders?


Forgot to say I'm using PHT on Windows 7


I'll second this question. Installed the skin on RPi2 with Rasplex (thanks for the skin, it is beautiful) but I've been going nuts looking to be able to arrange movie views by folder. I've ripped all my childrens dvds into folders which behave kinda like TV shows but also are not strictly recognized as TV shows. Hence the "folder" view request.


I second that. Would love to see that also.


I would really like this also for my Music section, plex makes a huge mess out of my nicely organized music library and not having a folder view makes my music section basically useless...


Folder View is only available for homemovies at the moment.
I can't add the folder view for other sections by skinning.

Please raise a feature request for openPHT on GitHub