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I got a question. I understand this question is for FileBot software BUT it is in connection with Plex and TV show naming.

Can FileBot parse files based on the title name?

Example would be..

I know it uses s01.e01 to determine the correct episode BUT can it be set to use Episode.5 to determine the correct episode?

I have a few series like this where the numbering is off but the title name is spot on.

Thank you.


The answer is it often works fine for that. I have never seen files that have both designations in the file name and I have no idea which takes precedence but I would think that sXXeyy is considered more important.

BTW: You asked for “experts” but remember:

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I find if s01e01 is present that will take the lead.
If I know what the episode is and Filebot is having trouble I’ll do a quick edit to remove what’s confusing FB.

I just put 4 SG-1 episode upgrades from disc on. I knew what they were, but just named them ‘sg1’ quick and dirty, then when they were all present and accounted for dragged them all into filebot and it took care of the details instantly.


Well, I have all the details. Just one of the “details” is incorrect.


sometimes FB gets confused.
I remove the confusing bits or name by hand if quicker.


FileBot will use S00E00 patterns if possible, because they’re the most reliable. TITLE matches are usually not that accurate and usually involve some degree of fuzzy matching (i.e. due to typos or different titles in different databases).

Option A:
As suggested, FileBot has generic file renaming capabilities you could use to just remove all the s01.e01 patterns for all files in a first pass, leaving just the title, which will then be used for matching in your second pass.

Option B:
Alternatively, you can also just switch Preferred Episode Order to Absolute Airdate Order and then use {order.airdate.plex} as format. This works because FileBot will match by numbers such as 20170704 which don’t match your files and so the title will be used instead. The {order} binding allows you to decouple matching and formatting episode order preferences.

You can make a Match by Episode Title Preset for easy access: