Force plex to process a movie via the TV and not via the nas



Good morning
I have an old dobo 5n Nas with 5x 8TO WD Red disks, and a smart tv LG65b6v
When I run plex on my tv, I can explore my Movies library bu I cant play these movies because my Nas is not powerful enough to do it.
So I have to close plex and run my tv's media player to access my Nas and then play a movie.

So every time I need to see a movie I have to:
1- Open plex to choose a movie
2- Open the Tv media player to search the movie already chosen and play it.

Is there any configuration I can do to force plex to play a movie from my NAS on TV without transcoding it via the NAS processor?
My Tv is much more powerful then my NAS.

Thanks a lot


Make sure you have Direct Play and Stream enabled.


I activated both options but it has not changed anything


After activating the 2 options (which I have done on my PC:, I have to disconnect from my account plex on the TV and reconnect again for the changes to take effect.
It works perfectly now.
thank you so much