Forced converting outside my network.



When streaming via LAN i have "Convert Maximum" wich in the test case is 1080p 2.2Mbps. But outside its only 2Mbps 720p as "max". This is a noticable difference. Even if i watch trough the it goes down to 2Mbps. Internet connection is 500/500 Mbps so it is really annoyng when my users complain about quality o_O It works much better on LAN and i tried adding my external ip to the "LAN Networks" list but no change. Is it not possible witch plex to always FORCE direct streaming, WITHOUT convertion ??


There is a setting on the server side for limiting stream size, but I believe it’s mostly determined on the client side. You can go into a Roku or Xbox (whatever)'s settings and increase the quality there. That will determine what Plex sends on the server side.

The media also needs to be compatible with the client as well. That’s another determining factor.


When setting it to auto in it goes down to 1.7Mbps SD. Even worse =P


Here’s a screenshot of the appropriate spot for the web interface (client/remote speed limit):


Here’s another area on the server side to take a look at (your end).


They have always been on Maximum and Unlimited. Setting the beta “auto” option is what made it worse. But i can not get it to stop converting down from 1080p to 720p outside my LAN.