Forward / Rewind with Plex for Kodi



I have the Nvidia Shield running Plex for Kodi and using the Shield remote. I tend to prefer it over the native Plex for Android client since I don't have fancy audio equipment and it direct plays everything, including downmixing (which ExoPlayer v2 cannot do for many codecs).
The one thing that's odd though is the remote navigation buttons - if I want to fast forward for example, I have to press the "right" button and then press the center ("enter"/"ok") button. I'd much prefer if it behaved like the native Plex client does and simply jump a few seconds forward / back without the additional confirmation press.
Is this at any way possible to setup?


This is coming up in a future version, thanks to a submission by @panni.


Yes, we’re getting there :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! That’s awesome!!