Found an issue? Have a suggestion? What to do?


Hi everyone, introductions: My name is Matt. I'm part of the team which works on the TV application for Smart TVs.

We've worked hard to bring PLEX to smart TVs and believe me our work isn't done. We've got a lot of great PLEX features to add AND plenty of work to do to make the app faster and more stable. We're going to push these devices as far as they can go. Be patient with us please, these devices try hard but sometimes they come up short.

If you find an issue what should you do? Good question, glad you asked! Please:
  • Search for forum topics already covering the issue (if you've found a old topic let it rest and open a new top).
  • Open a forum topic with a title prefix "BUG:", "REQUEST:"
  • Tell us your TV Manufacturer, model number and firmware revision. Trust me these are the most important details for all topics.
  • Tell us which version of the Plex Media Server is running. If you're providing logs please help us with the best logs possible.
  • If it's a bug then the time, date, and steps to reproduce are helpful.
  • Be nice. That's just good forum etiquette.

Have questions/comments let us know

Cheers. :)