FreeNAS Plex performance issues



I'm running Plex version (I know, it's old) on my FreeNAS server and I have a problem where if I pause a show for a long enough period of time, then if I try to play it it will play for a minute or two and then begin to buffer indefinitely. If I leave the video and click back into it and choose "play from time xx:xx", then it will also just buffer indefinitely. The only way to get the video to play is to start it from the beginning. Also, if I let it auto-play, after two or three episodes I run into the same buffering problem and have to quit and play the next episode from the beginning. And if I try to skip ahead in a video, then it will also buffer indefinitely. I never used to have this issue, but I do now and I'm not sure what's causing it. I plan on updating when I get a chance, but I'm not able to access the server easily at the moment and so I'm not willing to update it until I can have access.

Server specs:
FreeNAS 9.3
32gb ram

P.s. when I say buffer indefinitely, I don't mean it will play for a second and then pause to buffer and then play again. It will just sit paused and buffer forever but never actually be able to play.


Did you ever get this fixed?!