FreeNAS support



what version of Plex does FREENAS run? it seems to be available via the freenas console and not a download via plex, which is concerning for version lag occurring.
Thinking of migrating away from my Readynas to something more from an open standard. That any my shiny readynas 516 just died and they do not sell repair parts.


It all depends on how you install it...

Via your own install in a generic jail, it's as up to date as 1.5.3


Plex makes a .tar.gz available on at Remember: FreeNAS is FreeBSD.


Install plex using a docker container in FreeNAS 10 and it's as up to date as a reboot allows


Docker solution officially not currently advised anymore (not that I personally would've ever advised it).

ahughes has it: create a generic jail in FreeNAS (don't use the Plex plugin... not advised). Then set up Plex within the jail just like you would any other FreeBSD software. I'm always able to stay current with the latest Plex version and upgrading is a breeze.