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The latest status on things

In this topic we will try and keep you up to date with any changes or announcements we want to share with you guys.
Some of you requested a thread that they can watch without having to scroll trough dozens of pages to learn where we stand, so here it is.
We will also post general up-to-date answers here, so we don't have to reply to every post with questions that have been asked before.
So if your answer can be found here, don't expect a developer to reply to your post.

The Beta program is over.
There used to be a version that could be installed under a developer account,
but since we are out of beta, the app is only available through the official App-Store on your device.
Don't ask for a server IP or a file to do a manual install, there are none. period. We are not in need of any beta testers at the moment.

I can't see the App in the App-Store on my device, help!
Currently all devices are supported. If you can not see Plex in the store, try searching under the Video category, it should be there.

Why did my device not get the latest update?
When we submit the app we submit it for all modelgroups in the hope they will all pass the samsung tests.
This is however not always the case, so some modelgroups have a newer version than others.
This doesn't mean you will be stuck with that version forever, only that you will have to wait another round and hope it passes with the fixes we did.


These models can only run version 1.0 of the app, version 2.0 will NOT work on these

2010: v1.020 (last version, no more updates)

2011: v1.020 (last version, no more updates) (except for TV D6003 models they have 1.006)


Models compatible with version 1.0 and 2.0:

2012: v2.007

2013: v2.009

2014: v2.009

2015: v2.008

My device is not listed as compatible on the Samsung site, does that mean I will not be able to install it?
No, as long as your model supports either Internet@TV or Smart Hub, chances are high you can install the app.

Visit the AppStore inside your TV or BD player and look under Video apps.

Your App does not support all things that the desktop versions does, will you be adding these features?

  • Music Library - supported after v1.000
  • Photos Library -¬†supported after¬†v1.000
  • myPlex Login -¬†supported after¬†v1.000¬†(Uses PIN to login, same as the Roku)
  • Transcoding -¬†supported after¬†v1.000¬†(2010 devices still have problems with it)¬†
  • Watch Later-¬†supported after¬†v1.000
  • Recommendations -¬†supported after¬†v1.000
  • Shared Content -¬†supported after¬†v1.000
  • Video Channels -¬†supported after¬†v1.000
  • Music Channels -¬†supported after¬†v1.000
  • Photo Channels-¬†supported after¬†v1.000
  • Channel Directory -¬†supported after¬†v1.000
  • Home and Fast user switching ¬†-¬†supported after¬†v2.000
  • Trailers and Extras¬†-¬†supported after¬†v2.000
  • Companion (flinging to TV)-¬†supported after¬†v2.006

What containers or codecs should I use to ensure my Samsung device can 'Direct Play' my content?

This list will show you good combinations of containers and codecs.

Don't mix them around and try to stick to the standards.

If your movie does not comply with this list, the player will start 'transcoding' your movie automatically, in an attempt to play it that way.

You can bring up the bottom OSD during playback so see which type of playback it is using.





What are the formats that are supported by this App?.
Check out this list supplied by Samsung:




Last Update: 28-01-2017

READ ME FIRST: About Samsung Smarthub (up to model year 2015)

The last submission failed on 2012 series due to connection problems, so it's not going to be here soon.

We are in the middle of a major overhaul of the app, so we are not able to submit it again until we are done with this.


We decided that adding all the new stuff at once will take too much time, so we will try and submit a new release.

2012 users have being waiting way to long already, so now is not the time to add a lot of new stuff and make the submitting any harder then it already is.

This version will not have myPlex yet, it's not so easy as we thought and it will take some redesigning to make it work.

It will have an option for local transcoding, but be warned you will need a decent PMS for this.

Also I got tired of the clock issue, so you will have an offset so you can set it to whatever you want, and that's it :P

We hope we fixed the subtitle issues we introduced in the last version, now lets hope Samsung thinks so too.

Keep your fingers crossed.


Samsung has updated their SDK, seems they finally fixed some annoying bugs:


Dear Partners and Developers,

The Samsung SMART TV team is pleased to release SDK 3.5.2

and we've updated a few lists from SDK 3.5.1.

Below is an updated list.

‚Ė† Main Features in SDK 3.5.2

SDK 3.5.2 Bug Fixed

- Video/Audio: GetDuration() now returns proper value. This has been bugging us for a long times, hope it works now

- EclipsePlugin: Emulator run error has been fixed. Nice for us devs, you won't notice this

- Samsung IDE: Auto-generated error has been fixed. Did I read that right?? :lol:

- Common API: Fixed bug which causes apps to ignore key presses. We had versions in the past that were rejected for just this reason

- SMART HUB: JavaScript errors have been fixed. This too should make life easier for us



Just in case you missed it, Elan was so kind to write about the Plex for Samsung app on his blog.

Check it out here >


We submitted a new version to Samsung last night (also for 2012 model groups).

Let's hope we get some good results soon.


New version failed for all platforms. Back to bug fixing...


Bugs have been fixed! We just need to do some more internal testing before we are ready to submit again.

We had to change the way FF and RW work because of the transcoding. Waiting for a few seconds transcoding to complete on every push was not an option. We needed something faster.

With this version you will be able to set the pointer anywhere in the movie (if you keep hitting/holding the button that is)

and only after you stop pressing the button, the movie will jump to that position. You can scroll right to the end of the movie in a few seconds now, kinda like IOS does.

The rest of the fixes we did were mainly things that should have worked in the first place (bad buttons!) and some visual issues with long names.

Samsung vs Plex team, round two! Ding!! ;)


We submitted a new version (0.983) this morning.


I don't have all the details yet, but the last submission failed again...

I'll get back if I know more.


We got another 67 errors to fix. (that makes 453 so far). Lucky(?) for us some are the same error on multiple platforms, so the real number is a bit lower.

Most of them we can fix or have been fixed, but there is one though one that we can't yet resolve.

It has to do with the fact that buttons, that are pushed just after switching a page, will close the app. The bad thing is that it's in the whole app design.

The Plex app is a Multipage application and that was fine for the old Maple browser (2010-2011). But for 2012, Samsung has a new approach to apps and expects them to be Single page.

We asked Samsung for a workaround, so we will have to wait and see what they come up with. If we can't get a resolution from them, we might have to rebuild the app almost from the ground up :(


Finally some good news!

After many hours of bashing our heads on the keyboard, I can finally report: We fixed the paging problem! :D

This will save us from rebuilding the app, and we can also keep supporting 2010 devices (which could have been a problem with the single page design).

We also fixed the last remaining errors and will start internal testing soon. (a break is in order, or my wife will kill me ;) )

If all goes well, we should be able to do a new submission after that.


I think we need to hurry with the 2012 stuff, 2013 is almost here...

Samsung released another new SDK. Now they decided that we can't use the editor we love to hate so much anymore...

Eclipse will be the new main editor. I liked the old one better for debugging tho.

Well alleast Eclispe is alot more mature then the unstable homemade Samsung editor.

The announcement:

Dear Partners and Developers,

The Samsung SMART TV team is pleased to release SDK 4.0 Beta.

Beginning with the SDK 4.0 Beta, the Eclipse IDE is the only IDE for Smart TV development.

The Smart TV Eclipse IDE has been updated with a Visual Editor.

The SDK 4.0 Beta is the first release for the 2013 platform.

* No SmartHub is released in BETA version, so the functions which is handled by SmartHub such as EXIT / RETURN will not work.

* Flash Player is not in the scope of this SDK4.0 Beta verasion.

‚Ė† Main Features in SDK 4.0 Beta

- Microsoft Smooth Streaming support

- Additional Eclipse Plugin Features: Visual Editor

- ATT (Automatic Test Tool) : User can record and playback input

events for testing.

‚Ė† Updated Features for 2013 Platform

- Many S/Ws have been upgraded, and will be upgraded

‚Ė† Getting the SDK

Developers creating applications for the 2013 platform are encouraged to use this latest SDK 4.0 Beta.


We submitted version 0.984 to Samsung for testing.

The changelog so far:

v 0.984 - 2012-10-06

- [UPDATED] - Preferences - Long Korean server names would still overflow the box

- [FIXED] - Preferences - Subtitle settings did not stick

- [FIXED] - Preferences - Main menu corruption when no PMS server was present

- [FIXED] - Preferences - The same server could be added multiple times

- [FIXED] - Player - Jumpforward/Backward would close the player on movies with bad timeframes

- [FIXED] - Player - Focus could move to the background when a popup was shown

- [FIXED] - Player - Loading animation was sometimes displayed when the movie was already playing

- [FIXED] - General - Mute symbol and Volume control could both be visible at the same time

- [FIXED] - General - Pushing buttons inbetween pageloads would cause the app to close

v 0.983 - 2012-09-20

- [FIXED] - Preferences - Black screen on 2012 models if no servers were available

- [FIXED] - Preferences - Blue button for dot input didn't work on edit PMS

- [FIXED] - Preferences - Long server names would overflow the box

- [FIXED] - Preferences - Clock Adjust Feature would accept invalid values

- [FIXED] - Preferences - Setting subtitle fontsize changed the position on screen

- [UPDATED] - Player - JumpForward and Backward do now have a pointer, so not every step will trigger loading

v 0.982 - 2012-09-05

- [FIXED] - Player - some parts from subtitles were not shown

- [UPDATED] - All - disabled that you can enable media deletion on your PMS from the app

- [UDPATED] - Player - set default buffer to 10 / 40 / 50

- [UPDATED] - Preferences - when you add manually/edit a PMS, app checks if the PMS is reachable. Shows a picture as indication what the status is.

- [NEW] - Preferences - adjust the clock (up to -12/+12)

- [NEW] - Preferences - enable / disable that files will get transcoded on the PMS and then played


Surprise, surprise, we failed again, sigh...


After checking the list with defects (48 this time), there seems to be only 1 major issue. The Samsung testlab indeed discovered a nasty bug where the buttons would stop working.

To find it you had to play the video for about 30 minutes, that's why we missed it. So not all tests are bad :)


Just dedicated another weekend for the love of our Plex users :)

We fixed the bugs and uploaded version 0.985 to Samsung for testing.

As usual it will take about a week, before we have any results.

v 0.985 - 2012-10-14

- [UPDATED] - Preferences - Long server names did wrap around instead of being abbreviated

- [UPDATED] - Preferences - Server online/offline indicators are now updating realtime

- [FIXED] - Preferences - Exit and Return keys did not work correctly during auto search for servers

- [FIXED] - Player - Buttons could stop working after watching for an extended period of time

- [FIXED] - Main - Long server names are now abbreviated

- [FIXED] - Main - Setting a movie Watched/Unwatched did not work correctly

- [FIXED] - TV Show - Theme would not always play, even though a theme was present


There seems to be a kind of Korean holiday going on, so we are basically on hold for the moment and it might take a bit longer before we get answers.


Version 0.985 didn't make it...


We fixed the stuff they asked and have spend the weekend testing version 0.986, and it's ready for submission.

Only thing now that stops us is the Samsung site is not cooperating. (Do I dare to has some bugs??) :P

We need to update all issues before we can resubmit, but some have bugged out, so we need someone to fix it for us first.