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Version 2.006 of the app passed for 2014 and 2015 models and will be released within a couple of days.
Models for 2012 and 2013 are still in testing. (they are not part of the regular process since they are older then 3 years)

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2014 and 2015 models should have version 2.006 available in the App store now.
I added a download link for the v 2.006 manual. You can download the manual from here


There seems to be a bug with updating the timeline on 2.006. (watched, unwatched and resume time)
This only happens when you disable the "Advertise as a Player" setting, so if you leave that on, there is no problem.
Sorry about that, must have been to occupied in testing Companion.


Due to some changes in the latest server releases, the old v1.0 app stopped working when you tried to make a sub selection.
Like year > 2015. I know I said no more updates for the v1.0 app, but I had some time off, and with Christmas around the corner, it seemed like a nice idea to help you guys out.
So if you are having one of these issues, this one might fix them for you:

Have fun!

Changes for V.1.020 (for 2010 © and 2011 (D) models)

  • [FIXED] - Sub-selections failed when used with latest servers.
  • [FIXED] - Text could display weird Html codes.

Download : This can be installed on your TV with SammyWidgets.exe > check here for instructions


Version 2.007 is final! I gathered the feedback, and fixed a few remaining issues.
I submitted it to Samsung today for all models between 2012 and 2015.
Let’s hope they approve it soon.

The final change log for 2.007:

  • Fixed: Selecting a different version of a video did not always select the correct version.
  • Fixed: CORS errors could occur when the app wasn’t signed in with a PIN code.
  • Fixed: Disabling the option ‘Advertise as Player’ caused problems on resuming and updating the watched status.
  • Fixed: Unable to start playback on a track if the grid was in “By Folder” selection.
  • Fixed: Trailers played before a movie could get stuck in a state where the same trailer was played over and over again.
  • Fixed: Better handling of content made up of several parts. Now shows total time and resumes from the correct part.
  • Fixed: Using Channel up/down to page the grid and filters, now flips around when reaching the end.
  • Fixed: After successfully adding a new server manually the button didn’t change to “close”.
  • Fixed: When exiting the app by means of the popup, the app did not return to the SmartHub as intended.
  • Fixed: Transcoding internal subtitles, stopped working on newer server versions.
  • Fixed: HLS streams could take a long time to start.
  • New: If the PMS bandwidth is limited and Direct Play is not possible, playback in auto mode will switch to transcoding.
  • New: When an error occurs during playback due to the media format, playback in auto mode will switch to transcoding.
  • New: Added a new setting under subtitles/audio that allows you to adjust the volume of TV show themes.
  • New: Added a new icon to the Preplay screen, to indicate that a movie is in a 3D format(depends on filename).


Recently I noticed something odd, the Samsung.xml profile on the server had been changed.
After doing some research, I discovered that the official Plex app was using the same profile and made some changed to it.
The profile has a few extra audio codecs, that may work on 2016 models, but not on all older models.
If you have trouble with items that still give you codec errors even after you selected Transcoding, you might need to restore the correct profile.

If you are having no issues, there is no need to do this!

Note that this currently might also affect any 2016 model you might have!

Download the old profile (attachment below)
Find the folder that has the file (normally in Plex\Plex Media Server\Resources\Profiles)
Backup the original , so you can go back if needed.
Replace the file Samsung.xml with the download.
Stop and Start your server so it will use the updated profile.

This will only have an effect on Direct Streaming, Transcoding and the Optimizer!
For Direct Play this will do nothing!

We will split the profiles between the apps up in a future PMS update.


Version 2.007 has been approved for 2015 and 2014 models and should be available in the in the Samsung App Store within the next few days.

The 2014 PVR group failed so they will not get the update.
Models 2012 and 2013 are still in SP review mode (which means it will take some time before they get tested)


Samsung approved the v 2.007 release also for 2012 and 2013 models.
It should be available from the App Store on your device, or it will be in a few days.

That completes the release for 2.007. Now all models 2012 to 2015 should have it.

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Just submitted to Samsung for approval (all models 2012-2015):

v 2.008

  • Fixed: Albums in the grid showed artists thumbnails instead of the album covers.
  • Fixed: Added EAC3 as a direct playable to prevent transcoding being enabled.
  • Fixed: The companion icon would not always change color when no suitable proxy server could be found.
  • Fixed: Better connection detection for servers that accept only https.
  • Fixed: Better support for servers that do not have transcoding capabilities.
  • Fixed: Some channels used transcoding when this was not needed.
  • Fixed: Some issues with the filter menu and added a scrollbar for too long lists.
  • Fixed: Some graphic glitches on popups.
  • Update: Images inside the gridview should now render faster.
  • New: Amazon Alexa is now supported.


Version 2.008 has been approved for 2015 (J) models and should be launched soon.
Other models are still in testing.


The 2015 models should now have version 2.008 available in the app store, all other models are still in testing.


Good news for user with a H-series, version 2.008 has also been released for 2014(H) models.
The older models for 2013 and 2012 did not pass the tests and will need another round.

Known bug for 2008 :
If you are using https from a remote server, video may get transcoded even if it’s direct playable…
If you use this configuration and don’t have a transcoding capable server, best not upgrade.

A new version is in the making, that will add more new features and fixes more bugs, so bare with me.


The issue with the overwritten Samsung.xml profile has been rectified.
If you have PMS or higher it will now have 2 separate profiles:

  • Samsung.xml > the profile for this app
  • Samsung Tizen.xml > the profile for the official Plex SmartTV app

Note:Samsung SmartTV.xml is used for DNLA only not for apps.


Submitted to Samsung:

v 2.009

  • Fixed: Direct play on remote servers with an https connection could be transcoded unintentionally.
  • Fixed: Removed a transcoding attribute that might cause issues with newer servers.
  • Fixed: Override tags in ASS subtitles are now suppressed and no longer shown on screen.
  • Fixed: Multipart videos would not always start at the correct part when they had a resume time.
  • Fixed: Multipart videos would not always use the correct subtitle for the playing part.
  • Fixed: Multipart videos in channels only played the first part.
  • Fixed: Screensaver was not disabled when the photo slideshow was started with the ‘play all’ or ‘shuffle’ button.
  • Fixed: Adding servers manually could fail to load them correctly.
  • Fixed: The player controls on the progressbar could trigger the wrong function.
  • Fixed: The main menu could go out of sync, after playing content with Alexa.
  • Update: The internal MDE has been updated to make better decisions on direct playability.
  • Update: More trailers and music videos now support direct play.
  • New: The general timeout setting has been replaced with ‘Extra server detection time in seconds’.
  • New: When transcoding, the app can now adjust the bitrate and resolution on-the-fly, based on the available bandwidth(ABR).
  • New: Added ‘by cluster’ filter for photos in the gridview.


Because I could not submit the app for all models (2012 are no longer supported by Samsung), I’m going to make this version (2.009) also available as a download. All models form 2012 to 2014 can use a USB stick to side-load the app.
2015 models do not have that option, so they will need to wait for approval of the app.

Download Plex


  • Format a USB drive with the FAT32 format
  • Create a folder in the root called Plex
  • Unzip the contents of the download into the Plex folder.
  • Insert the USB into you Samsung device (try a different port if it doesn’t see the stick)
  • You should now have a new Plex icon in your SmartHub
  • Select it and start it up like you would normally.
  • The USB needs to stay connected when you use Plex!

Have fun!


Version 2.009 past testing for 2013 and 2014 models and will be launched soon.
2015 models are still in testing.


Version 2.009 has been launched for 2013 (F) and 2014 (H) models and should be available in the App store on your TV.


Version 2.009 has been approved for 2016 BD players and 2015 models and should be released soon.
Please note that this version has a minor bug in audio switching which we only discovered after submission.
But due to the issues encountered with transcoding on Plex cloud servers in combination with 2.008 , we felt it was more important to fix those with this release.



Good news and bad news this time…

The good news is that I just submitted version 2.010 to Samsung.
As expected, the 2012 and 2013 models were not available for submission, so I requested those separately.
I’ll also included the USB side-load version below.

The bad news is that due to problems with my eyesight, this will be the last version I will be releasing.
So this is also goodbye. I really do not want to let go of this project, but while I can still see, I want to do other things then sitting behind my computer.

Anyway, here are the release notes for 2.010:

  • Fixed: Automatic audio output switching stopped working.
  • Fixed: Audio switching between different tracks could fail.
  • Fixed: The displayed indicator for ‘Auto adjust transcoding quality’ would not stay ‘on’.
  • Fixed: Remote controlling the app from IOS could throw an error.
  • Fixed: Issue with switching volume on TV Show theme music.
  • Fixed: Manually added servers did not always show up in the server list.
  • Fixed: Browsing with left/right arrow on the preplay screen, did not work for ‘Watch later/Recommended’.
  • Fixed: Some bad behaving channels were not showing the video in the correct aspectratio.
  • Fixed: Theme song did not follow the selection while browsing inside the preplay screen.
  • Fixed: Bug with showing mixed content photo/video in combination with companion.
  • Fixed: Play/Shuffle all, did not work for the root folder in ‘By Folder’.
  • Fixed: Play/Shuffle all, did not work for Photos in ‘By Cluster’.
  • Update: Added ‘Original’ and ‘1.85:1’ to manual aspect-ratio modes.
  • Update: Added option to hide ‘Search’ from the menu.
  • Update: Optimized communications and memory usage.(Major overhaul)
  • Update: Optimized channel list loading times.
  • Update: Improved animation performance.
  • New: Added a new option under System that lets you pick a friendlier device name to use with Alexa.
  • New: Allow remote control to be used with (recent) remote servers.
  • New: Added playback mode settings to playlists and channels.

Download for USB side-load: new

The manual : Plex_for_Samsung_App_Manual_v2.010.pdf

If you have been happy using this app and you haven’t done so,
please consider making a small donation or write a nice review here.

Thanks for putting up with me over the last 8 years, I hope you like this final version and I wish you all the luck in the world!

All the best,

UI Upgrade?
Looking for Plex 2.007 USB install files.
Samsung Tizen APP

I was able to submit a new version (2.011), for all models that support the 2.0 versions.
These include the 2012 and 2013 models, since Samsung agreed to review them separately.

The changes are just some reported bugs:

  • Fix: The app didn’t work correctly on older models, because they do not support “requestAnimationFrame
  • Fix: There was a volume bug on some models that could raise the volume to 40% unintended.

If you already side-loaded the 2.010 version from the previous post, then you already have these changes.
I just needed a new version to allow the submission to work.
This will likely mean that you will not get 2.010 but 2.011 when it passes and gets into the app store.