Full Screen Start / Option




I may just be missing this, but ... is there a way to have Plex start in Full Screen Mode? I have been able to map a remote key to start Plex (excellent!), just want it to start Full Screen.




Sorry, checking back in on this one - as I'm launching Plex using a remote control, and then can't go full screen (with the remote). Tried creating a shortcut set for Maximized ... no joy.



Any luck with this? I'm trying to do the same thing. Thanks!


Nope, no luck here - sorry!


Seriously...no answers? Anyone at Plex team?? This should be so simple to do and not have to wait 9 months for an answer. A baby arrives in that timeframe!


Not to be too annoying but if you managed to have a remote button to start plex, you could have another remote button that simulates Shift+Win+Enter which will force the app to go into full screen? As you are probably using some sort of script that starts plex at the press of the button I wouldn't be surprised if you could add this combination with a delay after plex start to have it in full screen mode?