Fully Accessible outside your network; suddenly disabled.



So frustrated... restarting this and that and disabling then enabling, and so on... then

Viewing the Server info on MacOS's PMS, refreshing the Server tab/page, it will flash Green lettering: Fully Accessible... then suddenly go to Red type saying : "Not available outside your network
Your server is signed in to Plex, but is not reachable from outside your network. Learn more" (link: https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200484543-Connecting-a-Server)

I cannot get Plex to STAY in the Fully Accessible mode.

For a while, a month ago I was able to access plex over th eimternet with my iPad and play movies on a friend's AppleTV. That same friend, after being invited, could also see libraries I shared. Now, it's hosed, and I don't know enough tech syntax to understand the suggested fixes.


Same here.

I had to forward port 32400 in my router.


Internal or external?


Update: I called my ISP and they told me to turn on or enable DMZ in the modem, which I did, and this essentially makes all ports enabled. It seems to have fix the problem, tho I can’t quite understand why remote access is intermittently disabled… But that’s another problem. At least it stays on “Fully Accessible” now…


Enabling DMZ is essentially letting all traffic in. I would manually port forward