Future of the Plex on the Samsung J Series and Earlier



I was wondering if this client was going to be picked up by Plex now to continue the good work that @Orca has done @elan or @mattseeley can you give us any views?
The J series also runs Tizen so is there a view that Plex could run the 2016+ app on those TV’s. Samsung has told me that it would work and happy to work with Plex. (I have a name if you DM me)


I’m not sure letting Plex programmers loose on Orca’s code would be a good idea.


Good point, maybe an alternate app?


Which would probably be as buggy as all the other clients they released.


Does this mean Orca has discontinued this excellent work? I have an older Samsung e-series 40" Slim Smart LED-TV (2012) and Plex would be useless to me with his app. My TV Plex app is 2.011 PMS version I am fine if this app never updates but continues to work with my PMS. I just don’t want the TV app to stop working. Any thoughts ? Thanks.


Yes, unfortunately due to health reasons. I have a personal response from the dev team that I will respond to tonight and ask them to update the thread.


Well someone needs to keep supporting this app. I have a 2015 3D model and as the industry has stopped making 3D TVs, I am really needy for Plex to maintain the application. Currently, I have logged a discussion on a bug (playlist random play always plays fist movie first). I’m not much on updating a working app unless there is a feature I desire, but in this specific case, the code is the last public release on Samsung’s app site.


I got a response last week from @mattseeley and it wasn’t too promising. This was after I added @elan to the thread to make him aware also. I am in the same boat and have a curved TV which is no longer produced which is also awesome. There continues to be suggestions to buy other products to make it work however my views are that Plex shouldn’t rely on third party products to make it work, especially when the functions for music are now under-performing standard QNAP and Samsung apps.


Just an update for everyone, I have continued to prod @elan and @mattseeley, even offering to pick up the project. They have not even responded to me testing the current version for later model TV’s. If anyone has this for side loading please DM me
I have not gotten the courtesy of a response, even after answering a number of their questions.
This is concerning now that Plex will not support a 3 year old top selling premium model television. A few more points to be made are that;

  • Currently the PVR feature is not supported
  • Any new features from Plex will not be supported
  • Need to buy Plex premium for older TV’s is becoming less and less compelling.
  • The requirement to buy additional solutions such as appleTV / chromecast / Roku to enable Plex really detracts from the fact that Plex is the central media centre for the home. This approach is probably enabling future competitors in the space.

PLEX has done well of the back of Orca’s work and it would be a shame for them to lose that good will and customers.


The split between the Orca- and the official version was a business decision, whether you like it or not.

The guys probably didn’t respond, because this is not a Plex app, so why would they.
You make it seem like the app will stop working tomorrow, but I can assure that it will not.
The older Samsung models still have a fully functional app.
Hell, even the v1.0 versions still work. (7 years old !)

As for your concerns:

  • PVR just works fine. Set it up and record with Plex web and watch it with the TV app.
  • New features… what is it that you are really missing?
  • You still need a Plex pass to use the Premium features, like it always has been,
    but you can use the app perfectly fine without it.
  • I don’t see why you would be forced to buy extra devices, doesn’t the app work for you?

TBHO it seems like you are on a crusade to get the official app released for 2015 models.
I don’t want to discourage you, but if you think that will solve all your problems, you may want to read the official SmartTV app forum first.


Hi @Orca,
First of all really hope you are doing well. We really miss you here and hope that everything is going great with your health.

I have in no way even indicated it will stop working. The app is great and as I often said Orca you did great work. I even used it on a really old bluray player, a week or so ago I think it was one of your first releases and still worked great.

The main part of the DVR-Live TV that is missing is the live TV and guide. The recording works great after the transcoding and put in the library. You cannot watch live TV or the show while it is recording. Basically the new menu items are not there. That would need an update.

In the private messages it has been recommended that to take advantage of some of the newer features I should use the additional hardware.

My objective is that I as many others use PLEX and think it is a great product, and want to have the ability to keep using the new features as they are added.

In another thread yes I have pointed out that your app is a great app compared to some of the other clients. So take your point, about the official app. Your UI, integration into the TV experience and other enhancements IMHO are far superior.

All the best


Just as an aside, supporting N makes of TVs x M different models x Z different years is incredibly hard. Each of them have their own quirks and foibles and player stacks. So we have to try to spend our limited resources where it most makes sense. I understand that buying a Roku or an Apple TV or a SHIELD isn’t an option for everyone, but in general they provide the best performance and experience compared to a many times underpowered TV…


Thanks @elan,
Completely understand the issue, I was part of an operating system product team when we changed how we would handle hardware so totally respect the work that the team does.
I guess I have just had some bad luck in choosing the direction of the Plex clients, qnap client has been long since been retired, and no the Samsung J and earlier, Android and casting apps do not support backgrounds any more, so the experience for music is a little bland.

To answer the other suggestion. Roku is not supported here in Australia.

The differentiator that Plex had for me and many others was the integration will client apps, so that it was part of the home theatre rather then an external add on.

As I said before happy to load the app and do some testing. Orca’s app is great and will continue to work. The issue is more around leveraging new features from Plex such as live-tv and recording.