Gapless Playback On Roku



Good Morning

I have 2 Roku Premiere+'s that are streamed from a Win10 PC. Movies, TV and other visual content play superb...Tried others but the Plex interface on the Roku's are perfect for me.

However when I play music I don't seem to get gapless playback. I listen to a lot of Jarre, Oldfield and live music and there is an annoying gap between tracks. I currently rip to mp3 320k and the sound is quite good. It's just the annoying gaps!

I have tried to rip to FLAC with cue sheets in a single file and although Plex plays the file fine there is no way to skip tracks. So I am guessing that Plex doesn't read the cue sheets.....File plays fine in VLC when accessed via the .cue file with direct track access but not in WMP although the FLAC file will play without the track list.

After scrolling through the forums I am getting the impression that I am not the only person miffed by this and that this is an ongoing issue and is not going to be rectified anytime soon.

So my question is this.....Is there another type of music server that can offer gapless playback to the Roku's?

I have looked at Subsonic but the trial version is very limited and only allows one track access at a time not play the whole album. Yes you can pay $1 on a per month basis and paying for something on the off chance it may work doesn't really appeal to me. I tried this with a WMC amazon plug in that turned out to be rubbish. If it did work then yes I will happily pay.

Sorry to drone on.....Any feedback/suggestions would be very welcome.